This OS Is Driving Me INSANE!!

if you go to your start menu, choose run and run "services.msc" you can go in and disable the remote access auto connection. I included a screenshot of what you should see when you run "services.msc" just highlight the remote access line, right click, and select properties. from there, on the drop down menu you can select disable. then reboot.....this may fix the problem, i dunno, it's worth a try anyways.............BTW you can also disable the COM+Event System Notification Service there too....

the attached file is a .zip, includes two jpg files.....screenshots to help...

hope it helps....
I get this error all the time. I searched google and found that is is somehow related to the drivers of the video card and/or the modem, I play lots of games and the blue screen comes up all the time and then my computer shuts down. Nick, if you find the solution, please E-mail me at Thanks
XP Crash

I highly recomend a fresh install as well.
I had problems similar to this while running 2 different brands of RAM. 98 SE didn't seem to care but XP sure as &^$% did.
If you are, try using only 1 type or brand. I know its a long shot.
Also make sure your IDE cables are perfect.

Good luck
I've reinstalled xp about 3 times already and it has no effect. I also had this error before I got xp, on windows 98. Since then I've upgraded all my hardware and tried changing my system settings and Bios settings. I have noticed that my computer restarts usually when I start some video sequence, which made me think that it might be the driver, I tried an updated one but it didn't help. Any other suggestions?

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