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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Herkalees, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Herkalees

    Herkalees Guest

    ...but, I have a decent quantity of movie reviews on my website. All written by me (and I'd like to think my taste is well).

    Click on the "Movies" link once you're there.
  2. Burpster

    Burpster Guest

    though i disagree with some of your reviews i can fully appreciate the work you put in making them :)

    very nice bud!!
  3. Herkalees

    Herkalees Guest

    Thanks a bunch
  4. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    I noticed the section prior to this, I believe it's quite nice :) Good job on it.
  5. Un4gIvEn1

    Un4gIvEn1 Moderator

    Beautifully done site, but I have to say I don't necessarily agree with some of your opinions on movies. Nice job though!
  6. koko

    koko Got Root?

    Columbia, S.C.

    are you a professional web designer? if not, you need to be! your site is beautiful. excellent design. i was so impressed with the way it looked, i forgot to read anything! :D

    /runs back to read content...
  7. Herkalees

    Herkalees Guest

    Damn, I wish koko. It shocks me to hear all of your comments. I never considered it to be nearly as good as you folks describe.

    Thanks again all.