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this is not my help!!!!


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ok....i am taking out a secondary HDD from a my bad...(stupid motherboard) and trying to put it in my other pc. its set as slave but my computer wont read it

i look computer mangae and it there but saying dynamic unreadable....wtf is going on with this???


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I'm guessing that the drive has been made into a dynamic disk which as far as I know, can't be read in win95-winxp home edition. Might be wrong about xp home.

Dynamic disk is a software version of RAID apparently. I was thinking about trying it out on my machine until some nice person told me it's a software RAID. I'm staying away from RAID (and dynamic disks) coz it won't benefit me. :)


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after meesing with it last night, im getting no post with nothing plugged in. actually the CPU fan wont come on with the memory out. thought that was weird. bubt the lights came on in the front of the case....oh well doing an RMA on the motherboard.

btw i appreciate all the help. thanks guys!


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well when you do get the computer back up, try using fdisk in msdos, delete the partition (if you don't want whats on the disk), hopefully then msdos will see the disk as a raw drive and then just format it. could work, could not, but worth a try.


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