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this is just neat...


If you get a chance one day...go to this webpage and let the webcam on
the page get started. If you are lucky...you will get to see one of
the wonders of nature. Aside from the tuna, sea turtles, and sting
rays...there is a very special guest in this aquarium. The guest is a
4 foot Great White Shark that was caught in a fisherman's net and
rescued by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Great White sharks are
notorious for not surviving well in captivity. They tend not to eat
and must be released or risk starving to death. This lil girl is an
exception to the rule. She ate the very first day and has continued
ever since. I have checked the site several times and never caught a
glimpse of the great white until this afternoon and I have seen her at
least 5 times. Pretty neat stuff. :)


The Voices Talk to Me
I used to have a yearly membership to the Montery Bay Aquarium. My wife's Aunt and Uncle work there, so we have gotten the "behind the scean view" with is totally awesome.
EP...the Great White is on the Outer Bay Cam...which is the link I provided...sometimes ya have to watch for a while....they feed the fish at 11 A.M. PST I think...pretty neat time to watch.

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