This device cannot start. (Code 10)



I bought a new Geforce2 Ti and now I get the message "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" I tried switching back to my old TNT2 and now it won´t work either??? Same message. I´ve tried an old graphics card (ATI 3D Rage LT Pro ) and it worked ok. Tested both Nvidias new drivers and the manufuctor´s drivers( Non of them are helping.
What happend? Why won´t my olg graphics card work when it did earlier?
Try opening Device Manager. Click on the View menu and select Show Hidden Devices. Uninstall (not delete) all references to any display adapter. Then right click and scan for hardware changes.

When it finds your video card, make sure you point it to the location of the updated drivers from the manufacturer.
what would "references to any display adapter" be? I don´t understand or just dont find anything. The only thing showing under Display Adapters is NVIDÌA GeForce2 Ti.
Another thing is, after uninstalling the device, XP quickly reinstalls it itself(with its own driver) before I have time to do it myself.
Is there a way to stop XP from doing that?
no cause if XP didn't do that there wouldn't be anything to display the screen!...not sure of your prob i'm searchin around though
Have had same problem on another pc

Hope someone can help with this as i also need to get this fixed.
XP will leave other cards installed if they have been in the computer at least one time. This can cause a conflict with any existing card. That is why I suggested to show hidden devices. You may also want to check to see if they is a category listed as 'other devices.' Installs that XP doesn't know what to do with show up here.

Once you're certain that you only have a reference to one video card you need to put in the manufacturers drivers for that card--NOT XPs.

If XP wants to reinstall automatically let in to it. Then go to the device, doubleclick it and update the drivers.

XP should not be putting this driver in automatically. You still will be able to see the monitor. Drivers are loaded into the IO ports at startup (RAM) and processors grab the drivers from there when interrupted by the device. That is why a reboot is required after installing hardware.
Someone told me it´s my motherboard. It doesn´t support 4xAGP.
The graphics card driver overwrites the bios an sets it to 4x.
21.85 should fix that..

try the 21.85 nvidia det. it solved that prob for someoneelse.
u can get it here....i know there older but they are very stable.
they will work till we all get some good nvidia drivers that work like they should............

9 times out of 10 the manufactures drivers are gonna be detonator 3 version 14.10 and such, or 23.11, 23.12, which i think are worse than the slower 12.xx and up det 3...

im sure you can find a driver that works here...

as for xp auto installing that driver, let it then boot up in safe mode and use device manager to update the driver, choose
i will search for driver myself, and then click on have disk and browse to the drivers you wanna install...:D

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