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ThinkPad T40 w/no WPA support?


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I'm at a complete loss. I'm trying to connect my laptop wirelessly to my home network which resides behind a linksys router using WPA2-AES encryption.

I figured my T40 probably wouldn't support the AES and I'd have to move down to TKIP. Fine, not a problem as long as I'm not running WEP.

But when I tried to use the AccessIBM connection manager to setup a profile for my home I get to the point to select my SSID, which I am able to find, and then 3 options for WEP security:
  • None
  • Enabled - Use Static WEP Keys
  • Enabled - Use IEEE 802.1 x (EAP)

There was no option for anything other then the WEP option. Not a WPA option anywhere I could find.

I suppose I could setup another network with WEP keys and just use my router as a switch but I'd really like to know how to setup my T40 with WPA.

FYI, Windows XP SP2 fully patched, and used the AccessIBM Software Installer to update the software. Or rather, I'm assuming it updated the software.

Thanks in advanced for any light you could shine on the situation.
Mike :)


The Analog Kid
I don't know about the hardware in that particular laptop, but from experience with my Thinkpad R52, I know there are problems with the AccessIBM software. I'd recommend sticking with XP's.


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Actually, Microsoft released an update a while back to add WPA support to XP. I believe this was on Microsoft/Windows Update as a critical release (so it would have come through AU).

I setup my latest notebook using WPA.

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