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Thinking about Overclocking.....

I am thinking about overclocking my geforce4 and my CPU, but what i wanna know is what are the consequences in doing this? (besides losing warranty)..... i heard the hardware doesnt last as long?..... and i dont realy feel like relpacing my video card/cpu for a long time..... soo any advice would be welcomed, thx


ps... stupid question, what are the consequences and difference in overlclocking the FSB from 133mhz to 166mhz (or any other higher # greater than 133mhz).... is that the same as overclocking the CPU? or is that just memory? i also dont want to change any voltage #'s as i heard that that can slash your CPU's life expectancy quite a bit....


Well, the consequences vary. It will shorten the life of your processor and video card. You can also fry your cpu or video card if you don't have proper cooling. You need to upgrade you video and cpu coolers if you are using stock cooling with them. Increasing you FSB is the same as overclocking, but NEVER go from 133 to 166. Only go in increments and then wait to make sure that the computer will be stable at that setting. Also keep an eye on your temps so that they don't get too high. I don't overclock myself and I don't recommend it for other, but I hope this helps you out.
haha your computer is like got all or nearly the same specs as mine i got 2.05 ghz out of just putting the "cpu host frequecie" up to 178 highest is like 185 and the default is 166 and dats 1.91 so go up to 2.15ghz but get some decent cooling first!!!

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