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I'm thinking about getting this TV - there are sales I can get it for $300 off and it comes with a Sharp Aquos Blu Ray.

I'm behind on the up-to-date specs, but can't find the contrast ratio on this bad boy (such as 50,000:1), etc. What do you guys think of the specs? I'm searching high and low as I want to know what the ratio is, everything else seems great wrt specifications.


Found it, it appears to be 10,000:1 for dynamic contrast ratio.
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52" at 720p? Why would they even sell those sizes at that resolution.

If you are going to get a TV, I'd suggest going to a Best Buy or another electronics store, looking at the TV, then buying it online. You get what you pay for, and a low low price also comes with low performance. Right now, the best bang for the buck brand seems to be Vizio.


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Don't read too much into the specs. Get what looks good to you. The Aquos are great screens and the Samsung 120hz screens are great too. It's tough to tell in Best Buy how they will look when you get them home (fluorescent lights and/or distribution amps are bad). I would definitely say to go with 1080p as this will somewhat future proof you for a while.


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It's tougher to tell on the internet what you will get, so definitely shop around with your own eye. A good looking TV is good looking everywhere with the right tuning.


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I have been drooling over these in stores for quite some time - alas, however, I have decided to put this on hold for now. Gotta save the cash for the upcoming baby :)


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Another bid for Samsung at 1080p if you can afford it. Personally 1080 capability is more important to me than screen size, but to each his own I suppose.


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I agree that samsung 1080P is the best option. The reason I said about the 720p is because some of them are also compatible with 1080i; which the format that HD stations are in are 720 or 1080i anyhow. The only time you will see 1080p is if you order on demand stations from directv or play the movie in blue ray.

But either way, 1080P is the way to go.

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If you can afford it get a LCD with LED backlight.

LCD with LED backlighting can rival a plasma TV in their ability to display deep blacks in images like a plasma TV does.

Currenty only the Samsung LN55A950 and the Sony KDL-46XBR8 have LED backlighting.
I LOVE 120Hz televisions (and wish I had one!). Sharp makes great ones too. Nice buy!

Monoprice has a slightly smaller selection than Newegg, prices are about the same on the low end. Either way is good.


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I purchased a Samsung 71" DLP TV for my living room when I purchased my house three years ago. It is everything I ever wanted for a TV but the funny thing is I hardly ever use it. The only times I use it is when I want to watch BluRay w/my PS3 or play my Wii with the siblings and/or cousins. I would stick to Samsung.
Samsung are good. Pioneer even managed to outdo themselves though for high-end plasma - their domestic plasma tv range beat out their production monitors :D

Pioneer make very nice high end plasma panels :)


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i buy all my cables (hdmi, rca, s-video, ethernet, usb, etc) from monoprice. never been the least bit disappointed.

and my dad and i bought both of our tv's online without ever looking at them in person at a store. the reviews on sites like crutchfield, amazon, newegg, etc make me more than confident in my purchase choice. i don't trust the stores because the picture settings is always out of whack and most of the time their source is crappy. the only way you could accurately compare two sets' picture quality is if they're both calibrated and have a clean hd (1080 preferrably) source. basically, it's impossible to make an educated choice based on visuals.

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