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Think M$ ...



i think M$ should make a prog or plugin for wmp thats an alarm clock that wakes ya up with ya playlists n stay hidden with juss a pop up askin to turn it off coz ive tried bout 8-10 progs now n there all pants :( (well to me they r) or could any 1 make such a prog,plugin ?:rolleyes: well juss a thought coz im bored :p


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You can use WMP as an alarm clock, just not the way you are thinking (and yes, it would popup). Program task scheduler to run WMP at the time you want to get up.

However, not a bad idea.


Along with that, you can download a nice plugin for Winamp that let's you do many things with it : one of which being the option to have it start playing as soon as Winamp starts.

"It's called reproduction control"

'Cause I believe the task scheduler would start the prog, but not in play mode...

And it's worth checking out, as it is one of the few WMP plugins that hasn't wrecked my Windows' stability so far !

Also check out this alarm clock : it'll simplify the task of setting a program to start at a specified time.
But it will also let you schedule : killing a running program, shutting down, rebooting, connecting/unconnecting from Internet.
It's here

(Not free though)


Ramanuman i was refering to windows media playa not winamp i find windows media playa to be sufficent enough not to install another player and i also checked out that link n the program sounds good but not quite wot im looking 4 :) cheerz 4 ya 2 cents tho :p


I think MS needs to stop packaging WMP with their operating systems...or at least stop spying on us with it.
What a strange opinion !

I feel much safer knowing M$ is there, watching over me like a big brother.


Originally posted by Ramanuman
Oops, must've been drunk...
umm drunk :rolleyes: me i dont drink and wots this bout m$ spying on u :confused: theres a prog u can get for that :cool: but this aint gettin nowhere bout finding a decent mp3 alarm clock :( im gettin sick ov using me mobi to wake me up


If you can't get WMP to wake you up, do consider Winamp...

In my opinion, less combursome as a program than WMP (starts faster, easier to add and remove songs to playlists). And it will work if you use that plugin plus the task scheduler.

There are also alarm clocks that will either beep OR PLAY MP3s at a given time.
I used to use a free one, called "Banshee Screamer Alarm".
-Very reliable.
But last time I checked, it wasn't compatible with XP...

You can find it Here .
(I just checked and it says it is ok with 2000 and NT4...)


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-But being unemployed is a little like being on vacation, right ?]


so no other sugestions apart from installing winamp :( or bannshee alarm clock :rolleyes: cmon theres gota be more then the 8 ive tried n bannshee n (AHEM) installing winamp:mad:


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If you put a short cut to your favourite tune in your startup folder it will play that song when you schedule wmp or any scheduled task(i.e wake my computer power setting) whenever you start your pc.


Ive finally found a progy :D called alarm clock would u believe :rolleyes: and its FREE :p always a bonus if u want it u get it HERE ;)

Edited tryed it when first installed no probs next day i try i get error mess say out ov memory :( so it aint all cracked up to wot i thought it would be but it ran great first time


Man, I've seen a few people look for something like this, and I used to have the perfect program to do it. When I had Win 2000 I wanted an alarm to play MP3s (had early class, hehe). I found one that actually played MP3s, CDs, any media file, had an automatic time sync, and even a PMS estimator :eek: That section of the program was the only area not free, however, on trial mode it would show you a calendar for the month and have a red dot on the day it predicted your girlfriend to PMS. Very cool and fairly accurate. I'll see if I can find it again. The alarm part of the program was awesome.

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