They can see my desktop!!!



I was directed to this site,

When I went there, a window showed the exact contents of my c:/ in windows explorer!!

It's actually what's on my computer, cuz after modifying files in the main directory the changes are reflected there!!

Does anyone know how this is done? And what can or should be done about it? It's freaking me out.

I've run both Tiny and Zonealarm Pro and neither makes a difference.

I'm running XP Home and using IE


2 Dec 2001
lol, that's pretty cool. Here's the code they use to do that:

<iframe src="file:///C|/" height=130 width=580 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 scrolling=no frameborder=0 vspace=2></iframe>

You don't have anything to worry about... you're the only one that can view that... they can't see it.

You can test that code by copying and pasting it into notepad, saving the file as 'test.htm' or something, and double clicking on it to load in IE. You'll see it's exactly what you see when you visit that site. Check it out.<<< I fiddled with the size of it some, made it bigger.



LOL teaches ya for going to those types of sites!

actually i went there about a month ago and it kinda freaked me out at first. But the first time I saw it, it was a popup without a menu at the top, so I couldnt view the code. I tried to right click it and the right click option just made you download file.

Once i finally ran across the websight and was able to view the code, I that the code was just that simple little IFRAME bit of code that lonman pointed out that actually opens like alittle mini windows explorer in IE. Ya got to be careful doing this, because that is actually live code, if you delete something in that window, its gone for real!




i remember i made sumthin like that to freak out my friends...


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