thermaltake case... Real?


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13 Jan 2002
hi guys well now that the computer scene here in saudi is improving, yesterday i saw the first thermal take case i have ever seen! ITS AMAZING!!! i want to know if it's real cuz there could be fakes right? it looks real but u never know. is there a way i can tell if its real?

here is the one i saw

it costs around 143 dollars but thats good since its in the store no shipping since its really heavy.
Seems ok.. Have you read the customer reviews on that link?
19kg is bloody heavy though :eek:
tommy said:
Seems ok.. Have you read the customer reviews on that link?
19kg is bloody heavy though :eek:

yup there heavy well built beast's, unless you pay xtra for the ally versions :)
The 1000a's are extreamly heavy cases (for a computer case) but thats also cause they are a server sized case. I have a Thermaltake 3000 Skull that you can take a look at from my sig if you like, and it weighed no more then my previous case because it is a mid sized tower case. But besides all of that, Thermaltake does make very nice cases, I love mine! :)
sorry to tell u guys but ure off track. i asked how can i tell if its real? cuz i dont know if there are fakes of thermaltakes or not. and i told u guys that its in a shop so oviubsly im not paying for shipping. sorry to be so rude
That's a thermaltake; steel if I remember correctly. I have the same version, except it's silver aluminium :), the maker's site, lists the blue one. As whether it is real, I've never shopped at before but I've seen many people recommend them :)
no i know newegg is real stuff, im saying that it is here in a local shop. a physical shop that i can walk in LOL. what i am asking is is there any thing that can distinguish a real one from a fake one?
Go for it mate what you got to loose, you would get a receipt anyway if you found out it was fake...enjoy just take a wheelbarrow with ya to lift the damn thing!
Well if it matches what is posted on the newegg link and what you saw on thermaltakes website then I would say its real. Yep its a heavy case alright as I've got one, plus side though is its nice and quite and the intake fans have filters to reduce the dust intake

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