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11 May 2004
i dunno if this is the right forum... and sorry if i put it in the wrong place... and sorry for my dumb question.. but here's my problem...

i got a AMD 3000+ athlon xp

and right now the kid that built my comp didn't use any thermal compound.. i'm thinking if i get some in there.. my temp will drop a decent amount? maybe like 15 degrees celcius or more?

i know for sure i'm gonna buy a tube.. and it it hard to put on? like having it spread evenly and all?

please help... i just figured this out today.. cuz i asked him... damn.. this was my problem all along... if this thermal compound will reduce the cpu heat...
it will for a fact reduce heat
because there will be better contact between the heatsink and the proc. core
take off your heatsink ..push down and out on the clip at the side...and take the heat sink off..clean it off...try not to get any scratches on it at all because that basically degrades the performance
after you've cleaned it off apply the thermal paste ...Arctic Silver 3 or 5 those are the ones mostly heard of these days...apply a thin layer of it...about as thick as one sheet of paper ...:p very thin...after that reattach the heatsink and chck ur gentle :p...the temps might take a while to settle down to the coolest it can get to but they shud drop with thermal paste on it
what should i use to spread it?

and just in this white box right?


and what's the word on it over heating if 2 of the wire touch on something something from too my compound/paste
too much of it may fry the mobo/cpu.. my friend has a dead mobo as result from arctic silver--

yea you're right, put it on that lil rectangle.. use very little.. a small tube of arctic silver can cover 6-12 cpus
What I do is I spread the Artic silver (I am currently testing out the C'eramique) across the cpu die and then use a old credit card to thin the layer and even it out.
When you say "the asembler didn't put any paste on" - Did he use a stock AMD heatsink and fan with a thermal pad instead. The fans that come with the AMD CPUs have a thermal pad that takes the place of thermal paste. If he used the stock thermal pad that is "good enough". You only change to thermal paste and a better fan if you have a thermal issue with the CPU (cpu temp over 55 deg C).

NEVER use thermal paste and a thermal pad. NEVER try to reuse a thermal pad. Both can fry your CPU.

If there is already a thermal pad you have to remove the thermal pad from the heatsink/fan and from the cpu without damaging the cpu before you can use the thermal paste. Removal of the pad is difficult and you need to be very careful. I use a toothpick (plastic or wood), Qtips and isopropyl alcohol.

Exactly what temperature is the CPU running at that you are concerned about?

Here is the link to the AMD installation guide. Note it shows using the thermal pad insead of paste since that is the AMD off the shelf method.

You don't spread thermal paste "in the white box". You spread it over the pruple area which is the top of the CPU. Note it is made of glass and the edges are very brittle.
thanx guys... and no.. it wasn't the stock amd heatsink... it was a thermal take volcano 11+
Geez and the idiot didn't put any paste on? If the opportunity arises neuter the guy. The gene pool doesn't need anymore like him...
yeah... the guy put too much on the cpu so he killed my other cpu.. and i had to buy another one to replace... he had a track accident that ruined him... i'll rebreak his arm...
sigsays said:
yeah... the guy put too much on the cpu so he killed my other cpu.. and i had to buy another one to replace... he had a track accident that ruined him... i'll rebreak his arm...

Was this his sideline business or was it a shop? I'd sue him for the other CPU or at lease see if he will pay you for the replacement.


Here is the Arctic Silver application instructions web page:

Also be very very careful when removing and re-installing the CPU Heatsink/Fan. You could crack the CPU core if you put too much pressure on it when installing. Some suggest using a CPU shim to spread the pressure evenly accross the CPU and for better cooling. If you notice on your AMD there are four (4) pads, one on each corner of the CPU. These are for equaling the pressure from the Heatsink and keeping everything flat and flush.

As for using a shim...
Here is a site that speaks about the usage of a CPU shim and if it's nessesary or not.
thanx a bunch guys.. i went and bought some antec formula 5 silver thermal compound..

* Made with 99% pure micronized silver
* 75% to 80% silver content by weight
* Extended temperature limits: -60 C to 170 C
* Thermal Conductivity: 8.2 W/m K
* Thermal Resistance: 0.0022 C/W

i went from 70 start up.. and 71 idle.... to 37 start up and 39 idle...

and that's a big drop from just the thermal compound...

thanx for your help... i appreciate it!
What is your temps at full load? You can check this by running something like Seti or anything that puts your cpu to 100% and keeps it there for 2 min or more.

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