Thermal compound/pads?

eeh.... pads are irritating. i'd say thermal paste.... but go for Arctic Silver or somethin.
yea but after shippin its kinda the same, plus i get my mb tomorrow and dont want to wait!
Another vote for Arctic Silver 5.
I have a tube of Arctic five - and I have used the stock pads - after burning in I find the stock pads as good - sometimes better than the paste (and yeah, I do know how to make it a smooth film on application, even if I do no "lapping")
Pads work well on the first application... but I have found they degrade much faster (1-2years) vs several (3 to 4yrs for paste)

These are just my own personal findings... Of note also is when I removed the stock intel HSF (INTEL P4 3.2 Ghz PRESCOTT) and removed the pad attached, and placed artic silver, my core temps went down by 2 (min load) -6 (Max load) degrees Celsius to keep that in perspective keep in mind that is a difference of 35.6 to 48.2 degrees farenheight's worth of change...

a VERY significant change indeed...

If I were you I would just goto radio shack or other eletronics store and get the regular white thermal paste sold for transistors and the like... it is the same thing, just a lesser heat conductor... should work until you get whatever you decide you are going to use...

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