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The Analog Kid
16 Mar 2002
I just for the first time patched the uxtheme.dll. Okay, so I went to lightstar1.com and downloaded some themes. These are fine with their own installer and install a .theme in the windows/resource folder. But what do I do with the one's I've downloaded from themexp that are .msstyles?

Also, anyone know how I can get teh toolbar from Panicware's Pop-UP Stopper Pro to pick up the theme?
Simply place them in a folder in the C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes directory. Windows will detect them from there and they will show up in the apperances tab of display properties
so I just have to copy the decompressed folder to the dir? Tried one, and it didn't work, but I'll play around when I've had more sleep.
Put them in a sub folder. Well thats how i use them anyway...
After installing to the directory that PK mentioned, you might need to double-click on the .msstyle or .theme file. This will open up your Display Properties and the new theme should show up in the list.
ahha, that would do it. Was wondering why they weren't showing up...

Many thanks
dreamliner77 said:
ahha, that would do it. Was wondering why they weren't showing up...

Many thanks

Sure thing, glad it works. :)

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