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Theme not working


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I am currently using lamina Xt as my theme. I used the uxtheme.dll patch and I am currently running Xp pro sp2. I haven't had any problems with any other themes, but this ones never worked.
There are letters and sometimes entire words missing from buttons. Screeshot can be found here.
(Look where analyze is supposed to be)

Any help would be appreciated


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Well, it could be that the theme makes some text white, when you drag your mouse across the text (select it) does it change color and become readable?

Also, have you tried re downloading the style and reinstalling it? It could just be a corrupt file.

Other than that... could just be a poorly written visual style. I personally use Reluna and it looks great. It actually has a skin that looks similar to the style you use. Might be worth checking out if you can figure out whats wrong with yours.


Don't let the screen shot he has up fool you, the other skins that it comes with look nothing like that one. They are actually a fresh change yet still very functional and pleasant on the eyes.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks for the responses.

I reinstalled the theme, and found what the problem was. I had the font set to arial bold, which for some reason made certain words not appear. I changed it to the defult font (arial) and everything works now.

Thanks again

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