Theme not saved in Windows XP Pro?



First time here and it looks good! :)

My query: I upgraded from Windows 98 SE to Windows XP Professional. I thought I would change the desktop, window and taskbar by changing the theme in Appearence. I did the following..
Windows and buttons: Windows XP style
Color scheme: Silver

It worked fine but when I shutdown (and/or restart), it became Windows Classic style! Why is this? I tried using save as.. button where I saved the theme with my name -- no difference!

Help would be appreciated thanks!

PS: one more query: in Device Manager, there is a "problem" with 'Multimedia Video Controller' under 'Other devices'. What is it? I guess I need to update the driver but Windows XP could not find it (either through CD or the internet).


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what are your system specs?

that missing driver might be part of the probably means the true driver for your graphic card. have you made sure to get all the latest drivers for your sound, graphics etc?


thanks for your reply. Sorry I forget to include my PC specification. Here it is:
PIII 450, 128Mb RAM (will upgrade to 256Mb RAM this week), ATI Rage Pro, CD-R, DVD, ZIP disk, 10Gb HDD.

Does this help with the theme query?

BTW, you are right -- it was the 3D card that a friend gave to me. It is Diamond Monster 3D (4Mb RAM, I think). I removed the card and Windows XP stopped complaining which is good. I wonder where I can get the updated driver for this from?

How do I find out whether I have the latest drivers for the periphals? I know about the Device Manager but it is a pretty long list! :)

Thanks again


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you'd have to check with the manufactuer of your system components, Mainly just check for updated vidoe drivers, and sound drivers, usually no new drivers will be required for cd roms and the like. but for any scanners or such they will probably need updates. you don't have to go through every device in the device manager list unless it is listed as missing or unknown. hope that helps as for the themes, have you changed any of your services or such?


Yes I went to the Diamond website but I can't find the driver for my 3D card. It is probably because it is so old! :D In the meantime, I will just have to wait and see if the support people reply to my email.

As for the themes -- I was not aware of the services until today after looking at the Although, there was nothing about themes, I thought I would check out the services and disabled some things that I do not need according to the website.

I thought the more services are being executed, the more memory it uses so hence the theme is lost. No difference there. BUT I did notice something this evening. When I started up the computer, my "favoured" theme (eg. silver) is stored! But after a few minutes, I am back to the original one (boring classic windows style!).

It is really annoying! I spoke to someone and the guy says that his sister had the same problem and formating the HDD and doing clean full install made it work. But I dont fancy doing the formatting or doing full installation (I am using upgrade)!

Any ideas? I am stumped.......:confused:
I'd suggest biting the bullet and doing a format/clean install. All you need to have handy is the original 98se disk to 'show' the xp upgrade installation at some point (don't know when... I avoid upgrades like the plague). Upgrades are often wrought with problems. As for the old video card, i'm impressed it worked at all, lol. :p

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