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I have 2 differnet problems.

I installed a new theme yesterday, but I noticed that some of the letters or even words in message boxes or buttons were missing. Is this a problem with the theme? See screenshot below :)

The other problem that I have is that whenever I'm downloading something (whether its IE, Firefox or even p2p) my downloads start slowing down before it reaches the end. It cuts off the connection pre maturely. Downloads get to 99% and then stop. My connection is tweaked with various tweaks in Firefox or the registry (TCP/IP Optimizer).

Windows XP Pro Sp2

Any help would be great,


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Thanks for you replys.
I'm using Lamina XT. I was thinking it was a problem with the theme too, but nobody else has any problems with it and the same thing happens with some other themes.

Any ideas with the download problems?
for the download thing i would like to know also because i have the same problem with downloads on pcs.

if no one else has that problem then there is a pretty good chance that the problem is on your side...

may i ask what you are using to apply the theme?


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oh well
thanks for trying

about the downloads...
Can you post some of your specs (browser, OS, or any tweaks, ect) so mabey we could find some simalarities and pin point the problem?
well.. i always have this on all my pcs.. i thought it was normal :nervous: ... however an example would be Averatec 3150p Laptop w/windowsxp pro using internet explorer | fresh install

if i'm on dialup a normal file (such as an mp3 or a zip) will start out at about 11kbps and it will gradually get down to 5 where it will stay between 4-5 for most of the download but the last 5-10% it will go SOOOO slow.. like less than 1kbps.

then i started using macs and my life has become so much better~bla~bla~bla :laugh:
hmm well that doesn't really help becuase I'm kinda different.

I'm on cable and downloads go about 200 kb/s through the first 99% and then drops to about 1 kb/s.

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