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The Xp-erience clan!


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For those of you that don't know it, and have been added to the clan: We now got our own clanpage; http://home.halden.net/xp-org/index.php and we are added to Clanbase; http://www.clanbase.com/claninfo.php?cid=188070
If some of you have any questions according clanbase, just ask me on irc, mail, msn :) Or if I've done some mistakes with players etc contact me.
Waddy: It would be nice if we could have a clan-forum part here, and if you perhaps could make an alias like clan.xp-erience.org instead of our current clan-address

Electronic Punk

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Sure it can be added when waddy has done his exams, I think we should let him finsih those before nagging him, I have a long list of stuff I am sure he is dying to see, but I ain't gonna show him until he revises :p


Excellent Job Andyp

Great Idea, we can do that mate ...

If you can just hold out till i finish this exam as I have absolutely zero time at the moment...

I have the exam on the 14th then after that i have tons of time... this is the most important part in my life so im giving it all i got :)

Once we are sorted ill put a link and news article if you like on the front page ....

I can also hopefully get a Dedicated Clan server in the future also and a few other things


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OMG!!! :eek: Sounds excellent mate :) I sertainly know how it is with excams..had my last on monday! Good luck with the excam mate!

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