The Xbox 360 Laptop

pics dont work

that is just amazing that someone could put that together.
Pretty and nice work, but prefer practical mods as well ;)
Verreh nice, would want a bigger screen though for gaming :D
Sooooo, this would be a 360 for "on the go"? Kinda a 360 portable? Would be very cool for being out somewhere, anywhere and needing to feed your fix for gaming. But I think just pluggin the 360 into a big screen/wide screen TV and playin it that way is much better.
It better not be a Sony battery. With the amount of power it will draw, Well, can we say KABOOM? :p
That is cool. the pic link works now I noticed as well.
I've only seen pics of it with a power cord coming out the back, I don't think it utilises a battery.

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