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Does anyone know if there is away to get the uncensored version of the game in North America? I heard that they censored the game in our version, not sure how or what exactly they do, but that totally sucks....
There's a smaller torrent that does it. Well, it replaced the videos at least so you can see a nipple if you have the urge. Also, there have been rumors of censored text, but that has been found to be inaccurate. You still have the jarring, anachronistic words and phrases ruining the old-world setting for you.

Bad language doesn't bother me, but bad language that sounds forced and out of place hurts the mood. Nudity on the cards was a non-factor for me; it wouldn't affect the game for me even if they were censored.

By the way, this game is GREAT.
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So you are saying the censored version still has the bad language, and what? I did not exactly understand what you said Petros?...

And yes Zombie, I found a few places with google, yet either they are somewhere that can't ship to me, or shipping is too much, or they don't have download of it. I was more wondering if there is a "legal" way of getting it in Canada, or a download. I have a direct2drive account now but I can't find anything in the documents that its the uncensored version.

And to state, its not like I NEED nudity and all the garbage but if this is what the game really has to offer then that is what I really want to see. I want to see the game in its full glory.
as long as you have a legal serial i wouldn't really care how i got the software, that's all you pay for at the end of the day
Then I should state, getting the software another way, and using a legal key is something i'd rather not do. It normally takes a long time to download from torrents, and you never know if its good quality and all that....but you give a good option..
I saw that, I was trying to ignore it. lol.

So I guess the only way would be pay for it from local places, and download the UK version from some other place (torrent)....that is such a hassle, why do they insist on censoring games and certain items here...
good ol USA - "you can show images of people being blown up but you cant say **** because its obscene" - to quote apocalypse now (it was something like that anyway :p)
I don't even want to try and get the UK version, one because to look through all the annoying comments and get the right file that works, takes alot to do. Second, it makes me feel like well I just got the UK version, why should I pay for it now, I already have it. It's hard to say.

Just my take on it, I will probably get the North American version of it from D2D anyways, cause its less trouble. Oh well if I can't see the game in all it's glory.
So you are saying the censored version still has the bad language, and what?

Yeah, it does. Personally, the language took away more from the game for me. You find yourself listening for speech that resembles what you would expect in that setting or era, but then they start using language that is out of sync with the universe they're in. It sucks, really. It would be similar to watching Lord of the Rings, then all of a sudden Frodo and Sam start talking about souping up their Pontiac GTO and dancing at a discotheque.
Yea I just played the demo for the game and I noticed that as well. In the demo it was like 2 spots that you were just taken away, you were listening to the story and then all of a sudden you hear a word like '****" or something worse and your like, wait a second, did they use that back then.......sounds weird...

All in all, I heard it was too good to give up, so I will be getting it for sure.
Well thanks guys!!!!

I managed to get hold of this yesterday & last night disappeared. One minute I was playing what looked like a great game, next time I looked at the clock it was 2am!!!!! :lick:

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