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The Web of Thieves

Does anyone but me find this article a little unbelievable? I mean first off they call high quality DVD downloads 650mb (if it's a true DVD or Telesync copy it's almost double that) Next they claim they take 58 million files offline (um how? what do they do track these people down and arrest them?) and last but not least most of the trading of pirated movies goes on far outside the Edonkey, Kazaa, WinMX culture, when it comes to movie releases your really not gonna find much on there. just my 2 cents :)

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About the high quality 650 meg DVDs, I reckon they meant good DivX rips.

And it wouldn't suprise me that most of the files they have removed are yahoo briefcases, gecities pages etc.
Deleting FTP warez where they can...

Can't delete stuff from your machine, unless you allow full access, which would be alittle daft.


they are just looking for another way to screw us over... to put more restrictions on "the people" but we all know that is still not gonna stop us :)


Yeah, I think you have to take those kinds of articles with a grain of salt--it's been my experience that reporters often have no idea what in the hell they're talking about when they report on the internet scene. Furthermore, doesn't it seem a little odd to anyone else that the article hints at these "detectives" doing their work on a bunch of laptops? They must have some boss laptops if they're really doing all that they claim...


its amazing how they think they can stop piracy. yeah the busts last year have quietened down the source of the piracy (hacking groups/underground scene), however they won't stop it. alot of the larger sites around are private and you need to prove your worth and aren't public knowledge. just a question, how can you delete something on a site you can't log into?
*looks at empty CD spindle*

*looks at incoming SWAT team*

Oh Dear...

And BTW, the best-quality movies you will ever play on your computer are the ones you rip yourselves. For true DVD quality, it will take 3 or 4 CDs, but it's worth it. Besides, are you guys really too cheap to take a trip to Blockbuster?

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