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The Surplus to Requirement Thread


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Well drifiting around in my cupboards I have the following surplus PC hardware:

  • 1.2 GHz Intel P4 CPU c/w fan
  • 896 MB PC133 RAM
  • NVidia Ti4600 128 MB graphics card
  • 350W/240v PSU
  • A seriously old Laptop (Pentium II I think!)
  • A humongous/hideous beige tower case
  • 2 x 40 GB Maxtor HDDs ATA 100 & 133
  • 1 X Intel D845HV Mobo
  • Creative 4.1 digital soundcard
  • Wireless ethernet card
  • A DSL modem
  • A 56k dial up modem
  • At least 90 Floppies
  • A half working CDRW
  • Piles of cables
  • 2 x Brand new keyboards (free with...)
  • Spare wireless mouse

There must be more of this stuff lurking out there, whatcha all got? :D


OSNN Junior Addict
How much would you want for either or both of the Maxtor HDD's. Would be more than willing to take at least the ATA 133 off your hands.




Sounds like half of my shed. Two weeks time the dust cart comes for house hold rubbish it's going to go to the dump.

I have a wireless keyboard I never ever used, I noticed you have a wirless pointer.


I may actually be insane.
*steals wireless mouse*

Until yesterday (had a clean-out) I had about 4 keyboards, 2 mice, and a 66MHz Cyrix machine. All gone now though :D


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
shouldn't this be moved to the trading post? I might be interested in the wireless ethernet, why did they become surplus? You went wi-fi a different way or something?


Well I would like the video card and would swap it with you for something I have. Most of the stuff I have surplus my fiance creates displays in the ITC section of her School for the kids. The video card is infact better than mine so if you don't want it then mail me I will send you the P&P when I receive it via next post.


Political User
Well I wasn't really intending selling any of it! I was just surprised at the amount of stuff I had lying around, and wondered if anyone else had similar pile of spare stuff - :p

But I'll think about the offers, although I'm away on hols next week so y'all might have to wait!
My wife thinks it's a mess...

→Working DVD drive
→Semi-working DVD drive
→Five mousepads (three of which are just spare C4mousepad surfaces!)
→Tackle box full of screws, washers, other odds and ends
→8GB Hard drive from modified XBox
→Adapters for almost any audio/video configurations you can think of
→Zalman 5.1 Headphones
→Four stereo headphones
→Two mics
→Mic/Headphone Combo
→Six sharpies
→Extra gigabit ethernet adapter
→Radeon 9100 PCI card
→80 DVD+R
→75 DVD-R
→430W Power supply
→Broken Maxtor 60GB drive (still under warranty...need to send that in soon ;))

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