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The story of all time



He waits in silence. Waiting... for the summoning. Encasped in his world of ice and flame time merly floats by as if it is some kinda of substance he could run his fingers threw. Till the day. One man set the pages of history in motion. Nothing could keep if from happening. It was a chain reaction of all time. He awoke and broke his orbit. Crashing to the planet he landed in a fireball seen 10,000 miles away. People rushed from miles around to see the wreckage and crater formed from his entry in to this desolate world. Gasping they retreated walking backwards as the wreckage began to tremble. Peices of the debri began floating in mid air as if gravity deceived the very planet they were standing on. On man stood in the middle of the crator. Angry with the planet that had sentenced him to his damnation in the skies he vowed revenge....
stay tuned tomarrow for the next edition

Try to keep the posts down in this thread so everyone can read the story! lol


Could a mod make this sticky so everyone can read it. I plan on puting some time into it. Everyday will be a new edition


I'm sorry Hal...
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Only important information can be made sticky.

But if you post on it everyday, it will go to the top anyway


Revenge he would have if it meant destroying this entire planet. He leaned back and screamed towards the heavens. A beam of light emited from his entire body and shot upwards carving a symbol in the sky. The people looked up and instantly knew what this symbol meant. It was the sign of the ancients. One man stood fast and unsheathed his sword. Rugged and strong He slowly made his way down the crater wall. The ancieant stoped his assualt on the skies and focused his attention on the single defier of his threat. "What have you to challenge me MORTAL!"
The single warrior said nothing as he made his way further inro the crater. He knew what this meant and he knew he was going to die. He drew his sword and began running towards the dark figure. The ancient raised his sword of blood and pain and fire shot from its very tip. The warrior had seconds to react grabing the great sheild off his back and pulling it in front of him. The fire blazed off the sheild and it only slowed his run to a walk. He pressed on towards the dark man. This was his only chance.


jeez... bad critics... its a story im writing for everybody to read. Dont read it if you dont like it


Cuzz im making it up as I go along.. Why not watch an entire season of mad about you instead of flicking on the tv every night?

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