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The Simpsons Hit & Run



The Simpsons Hit & Run

I picked it up when it came out for $30. I understand you can get it for $25 now.

Some people find it repetitive and boering, but if you're a Simpsons Fan you love it. Actually, the driving missions are repetitive, but I like them. It's more loaded with nice little touches that any other game I can remember. Every so often it makes me belly laugh too. :)

Sweet graphics and it runs like liquid butter. I've been playing at 1280x1024x32 with x6 fsaa / x16af and it runs smooth as silk.

It's like a cartoon GTA. You start as playing Homer, and just when that got boering to me, you start playing as Bart in a totally different map area.

It plays a lot like GTA3 on the surface except no weapons and when you're on foot the camera doesn't stay behind you - there are camera keys (akward at first).

Oh... I should mention that every simpson character I've ever seen on the show seems to be any the game. I haven't seen all of them (yet) - but it's really close. Also, every "location" on the show is in this game.




Barton 2500+
9700-Pro / 3.7 Cat's
512MB DDR-333

You know I got everything around the same time... the week the 9700 came out. This is the longest I can remember going without a hardware upgrade in the last few years.

Maybe I'll upgrade something for HL2 or Doom3. But, right now - I seem to always be able to play everything at least at 1024x768x32 w/ x4 fsaa.

The price for upgrading seems harsh for what I'd get now too.. just going up a 500Mhz equiv to a 3000+ barton would be $300. The best I could go on video cards is a 9800 Pro or 9800 XT ($500).

I guess I'm not even in a place where there's any real value in upgrading. Also, maybe I'm just burned out after all those years of keeping up with the best stuff constantly. :p

/end rambling


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I played this game on my friend's Xbox, and I thought it was fun. I think that you should link the screenshots, instead of using the


Originally posted by o_87
I played this game on my friend's Xbox, and I thought it was fun. I think that you should link the screenshots, instead of using the tag however...there are still dialup users you know :P [/B][/QUOTE]

People are still using dialup? :eek:


Game looks sweet. Already read some positive reviews, I might get it this weekend (I first want to check if they have official forums for bugs etc).

@Vorpal: Another 512 MB stick wouldn't hurt your system. You'd see some nice performance improvements with 1024 MB & the correct settings (most games load faster).


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I am going to change the img tags to url tags to make it easier for the page to be viewed by dial-up users...

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