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Has anyone read this book?

The ending to the Godfather Part III was a big disappointment to me, so it would be nice to think this has a better ending.

Or is this a sequel to the original Godfather?



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im reading the godfather again for the 3rd time in 10 years. so if you do read it Ep and like post back.

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Well perhaps you can help me, what happens at the end of the book?
Only ever seen the films.

Having problems disocvering whether this is the sequel to the Godfather, or the equivelent of part 2 or part 3 (?!)


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I read the book a long, long time ago. I loved the book, but at the time I dont recall it really being related to the GodFather Series. (That was a really long time ago though).

Was always hoping it would be a enders game.


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Michael Corleone stands on the dock at Palermo. His two-year exile in Sicily is over, but the Godfather has charged him with a mission: do not return to America until he can bring with him the man named Salvatore Guilano.

Giuliano -- a legend, the bandit ruler of Western Sicily, a vicious leader fighting for his peasant countrymen against the corrupt government of Rome. But Guiliano's deadliest battle is not with the police or the armies of Rome, but with Don Croce malo, the ruthless Capo di Capi of the Mafia. By challenging the Don's iron-clad control, Guiliano sets in motion a feverish war in which the loser must surely die.

Enter Michael Corleone, at sea amid a flood of treachery, passion, and deceit. The secret is that he soon discovers promises greater success than Michael hoped for -- and the cruelest threat he has ever faced.

Once again, Mario Puzo has created a masterful story of evil on an epic scale, mesmerizing us with the terrible magic of the Mafia.
from the blurb it sounds like a different take on the godfather 2 & possibly 3 however
Salvatore Guiliano is just a simple peasant living in 1940's Sicily, barely in his twenties. One day, he and his friend Gaspare Pisciotta are stopped by the local police and arrested for smuggling contraband. Killing the police, they escape into the mountains surrounding their hometown of Montelepre.
which from what i can remember isnt in the films. It sounds like a really good book and we want a full review when you have finished it ;)


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It is not a sequel. I read the book and it is about a guy(Giulianon) in Sicily, during the time Michael Corleone is in Sicily hidding out in the First Godfather for killing the cop and the Turk.