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The Right ATA Controller?

Goodevening everyone,

I have now come to a time where i do not have enough IDE slots on my motherboard anymore to have anymore hard drives :(

So.. its time for a hardware boost :D

Ok, I want an ATA Controller which can let me have more hard drives. The hard drive i would like to add to this new ATA controller is a Western Digital 120GB 5400RPM which is Ultra ATA/100.

*If you are wondering, yes this does mean this would be my third 120GB hard drive on my computer*

I have found a shop near me website in the UK called Maplin and it has 2 ATA Controllers but at different prices. I was wondering which would be the best option for me in getting a new ATA Controller, either one i dont mind buying. I have the money for buying either.. i just want to make sure i will be gettin a suitable one

The first one i found is here:
ATA/100 £14.99
Its priced at £14.99 and is capable of supporting the hard drive i want to add.. right?

The second one i found is here:
ATA/133 £39.99

So which one is the best to get?

I have also come across with this one:
Ultra ATA 133 PCI RAID £19.99
Is this one better than the other to?

Thank you for all your time and help, i am most greatful :)

Sincerly Alex


NTFS Stoner

this card does a lot of work for me. and does it very well.


NTFS Stoner
not compared to the promise TX2 card no, is your happy with ATA100 then get the TX2 for £50, if you pick a cheeper card, they use more system resource to run. i can transfer files and use almost no CPU usage on the controller card. i run software raid with XP, still susprised at the sisoft benchmark wetting all over a ultra scsi 15,000 rpm :)


NTFS Stoner
ATA/133 Host Adaptor @ £39.99 has on board bus mastering, i wouldnt trust the £20 and £15 models as far as i could push them into a motherboard. i know its £50 for a TX2 but think of a 120gb on each channel swopping gigs of movies without your PC breaking a sweat.
Do the hard drives used on the ATA.. get shown up like normal on the My Computer screen? Does the extra IDE slots show up on the motherboard BIOS? How do i set up new hard drives on them? Do i just plug it in and then Windows will install the drivers it needs?
ATA133 TX2. Promise is renound as 1 of the best ATA card makers. Maxtor are good at makin hard drives.

and its a 2nd BIOS after the System BIOS, loads up any attached drives and they show in windows like any other drive, the cards installed as a SCSI adapter as far as windows is concernd


I use Ultra ATA 133 SIIG from PC World £29.99, but possibly cheaper elsewhere.
Runs a NEC DVD RW.

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