The real problem with Oblivion


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I just finished the entire main quest at level 2 on medium difficulty.

There you go, that's it in a nutshell. Due to the fact that all enemies level with the player I didn't bother levelling up, as it would have just made the game harder for me. Any RPG that discourages players to level up is doing something wrong. Such a shame, because I think there are some fabulous ideas in Oblivion, and many enhancements from Morrowind.

Oh well, that's just my thoughts for the evening. I still really enjoyed it, and there are many more quests for me to do yet :)


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as my other thread says I'm still just not getting Oblivion. Not that I'm not getting it I just don't really get immersed in this game. I'm also trying to get the best possible settings on my weaker 7600GT ( I just don't game enough to really get a high end card...especially since I'm only a CS Source player.) So I'm still going to fight through and get through this game. I'm just hoping doing it will be enjoyable.


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The more I played of Oblivion, the more it disappointed me. I think that the massive amount of positive press hasn't helped, and also the fact that Morrowind was so good.

I know what you mean about the immersion factor - did you ever play Morrowind? I was totally immersed in that, and I'm looking forward to replaying it at some stage when I'm bored of all the side quests in Oblivion.
Gothic 3 is on the horizon! There's still hope for good RPGs! And mage knight apocalypse is fun too while you wait.


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Hey guys, I know what you mean about oblivion. Its a great game, but leaves much to be desired, especially compared to Morrowind. However! There is a great little mod out there called Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul, also known as simply OOO. What this gem does is completely overhaul (thus the name) the game to make it much more like Morrowind. Non leveled characters and so on and so forth. The entire game has been hand edited to make it more unique and challenging. The mod also adds hundreds of new armor, and weapons. Thats hundreds... for each group. Plus some classes of weapons such as Staves and other more unique weapons. There are many many other mods by other people that have been modified for compatibility and integrated into the package, some of them optional as separate .esp's. Just check it out... its a tad large at just under 450MB with the patch, But.. let me tell you its so worth it. Everyone thats disappointed with Oblivion or just wants a new challenge or all the new weapons not to mention the numerous other additions, should check it out.

I cant emphasize how much this mod has changed the way I play the game, its almost as if its not even the same game anymore. You should at least give it a try, it can be kinda tricky to use with an existing save game, so its better and easier to start fresh. But it is possible to use with an existing one if you feel so inclined and up to the slight challenge of following directions. :p

OOO 1.3 Full
OOO 1.31 Patch
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