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The race

A guy was driving a Yugo on the interstate when it broke down. A short while later, a Porsche stopped and the driver offered to give the Yugo a tow. "If I go too fast," said the Porsche driver, "honk your horn."
So the Porsche set off with the Yugo in tow. A few miles down the road, a Corvette pulled alongside the Porsche.
The Corvette driver called out, "I bet I can outrace you with that thing in tow behind you."
The Porsche driver was up for the challenge and the two cars sped off side by side down the highway. Two State Troopers watched in disbelief as the cars flew by.
"Did you see that Porsche and Corvette racing neck and neck?" said one.
The other said, "Yeah. And what about that little Yugo flying behind them, honking his horn, trying to pass?"

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