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Nominations came out this morning, as usual, some good, some bad, some inexplicable. Complete list of nominees can be found here:

Here is the best picture category and my picks...

Best Picture:

BABEL <- Haven't seen it, heard its mess just like 21 Grams
THE DEPARTED <- My fav of the year, hope it wins
LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA <- Seeing it Friday (I hope)
THE QUEEN <- I live in the middle of nowhere, won't find it in theatres, may have to employ other means to watch it


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WOW! OSCARS!!! I heard that the movie "Departed" was nominated Im looking for ward for that movie to win a lot of OSCARS! Anyway why does Borat got only one nomination? I watch it and I find it cool huh!


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Letters from Iwo Jima and Clint Eastwood got the shaft in the "let's please Scorcese" movement.

He should have won oscars before, I mean Goodfella's was excellent.

I'll post a review of Letter's from Iwo Jima soon, once I get caught up on a bunch of other stuff.



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COOL! Departed is really desrving to win as the best pictures, and also Im happy to see Jennifer Hundson recieving the Oscar for best supprting actress. This is a good begining for her in the hollywood industry. I wonder why Beyonce doesn't recieve anyone?


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I think the departed was by far the best film of 2006
Great Stars, Great plot, and it took place in Boston, plus Mark whalberg is the Man :)


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I preferred Thank You For Smoking as well.
Thank You For Smoking was excellent.

I agree that the Academy basically said "let's make up for past mistakes and give Scorcese the awards." It is a crime that he hadn't won best director earlier in his career and everyone knows it -- but it sucks for the other nominees (such as Eastwood) who may have made a better film but had no chance. When I saw The Departed I loved it, but didn't leave the theater thinking it would be best film of the year.

Remember when The Lord of the Rings trilogy came out 3 consecutive years? Neither Fellowship nor Two Towers won anything those years, and once Return of the King came out it practically won every award in existence. It was awarded as a trilogy instead of a single film, which left no chance for any other film that came out that year. I'm not saying it didn't deserve every award, but one of the previous chapters deserved awards, too.

The Academy just doesn't look at the previous year of movies with tunnelvision like they probably should. They consider the entire career of someone when they nominate and award them. If they want to do that then they need to change the title of the awards. Instead of "Best Actor" they should make it "Actor whose had a long, brilliant career but for some reason has never won an Oscar and gets one now even though they may not have actually been the best of the year." :p

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