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the ongoing search for good popup blocking software

I used proxomitron for a long time but it tends to block too many things that aren't ads. Then I switched to the Meaya pop up stopper and it didn't catch a lot of the ads. Now I'm back at the proxomitron and becoming frustrated again because its blocking normal content. Any suggestions?


Pop Up Cop
Simple the best!!!! I am using it for a long time and no problem at all!!!!!
The BEST pop-up/ad blocker...

HOSTS file

Open your host file. c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS

Add lines such as this... ad.doubleclick.net anysite.thatyouhate.com

When IE goes to open a pop-up window it looks for it on your PC. Since it does not exist IE doesn't even open it.

When you find a new site you hate... add it to the list.
It of course works if you aren't running a web server. I have not tried it running a webserver, but I would be interested to know if it works
Personally, I must say that my favorite is Popup Popper. It's absolutely free, simple, and lets you pick and choose which sites to allow or disallow. And you can always edit the lists!


I may actually be insane.
Mozilla, Firebird, Opera, K-meleon and probably more, are all browsers that have in-built pop-up blocking. Works great too :)


Norton Personal Firewall
AMAZING!!! trust me.
not only does it protect against attackers, i blocks all them ads that popup and show up on your browser.


OSNN.net Adventurer
Popup Ad Zero

Popup Ad Zero can help you get rid of annoying advertising popup windows, speed up browsing and protect you privacy online.

Simply blocking all pop-ups will lose some great features of web sites and interfere with user's normal navigation. Popup Ad Zero is so smart that it can identify and block all kinds of advertising popup windows and keep the "good" pop-ups when you surf online. With White List, Popup Ad Zero even can help you customize the popup level based on every web site. By blocking pop-ups without loading ,save your internet bandwidth and speed up browsing by up to 2 to 6 times.

Popup Ad Zero also includes a Cookie Manager that allows users to automatically clean cookies when the last browser exits, protect your privacy online.

This new version stops Messenger popup spam. With free plug-in, it's not only compatible with IE5.01 /5.5 /6.0, also supports Netscape6.2/7.0 and AOL7.0/8.0.

Residing on the system Tray with an icon button, Popup Ad Zero is robust, easy to use, light to your system's resource.

:D I reccommend it compleatly
all i'm going to say is...

MOZILLA FIREBIRD all the way...

I've been using mozilla for at least 6 months, not a single popup ad, have i ever had...EASY


The beta toolbar for google works well, it received a 9/9 on the pop-up stopper test for me anyway. Works great.:p

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