The NVIDIA 9600 GT

Nice find :)

Disappointing to note it's on the G90 revision however.
In that respect, looking over the figures, I'm happy with my 8800GT O/C..I have the same speed core (650MHz) and faster memory (1900Mhz) :p

Alarmingly, the 9600GT only has around half the number of stream processors...with 64 compared to :dead: the 112 of the 8800GT or the 128 of the 8800GTX
It's pretty much a 8600 with bells and whistles :D
I'd be interested to see what the 9800GT offers though.
imo Bang for the buck..the 8800GT still has the edge as it stands currently

The only plus point I can see over the current offerings under the 8800 badge are maybe going to be the prices they command and temperature/wattage use.
It's a lot better than the 8600 though ;)
What I want is a card fast, quieter and cooler than my ati 2900XT that doesn't think my tv is 52" and my monitor is 28" and thus fits the picture to the 50" and 24" panels correctly... I gave my 8800GTX to my brother on-loan cos it wasn't doing that.
most of the reviews/numbers I've seen has shown the 8800GT as still faster by a slim margin..

Honestly, with price points where they are right now, I've the 8800GT only $30 more than the 9600GT, I'd rather get the 8800GT. However, I'm sure as the 9600GT is more available, the prices should hopefully drop making the 9600GT more attractive.
I may pick up the 8800GT next month and see how it handles my TV and monitor...
I may pick up the 8800GT next month and see how it handles my TV and monitor...

The nVidia Control Panel has options allowing you to set how you want the image transferred onto the screen.
With digital panels you get options to allow the monitor or display device to dictate the screen size/location and refresh rate. You get an option to move the output to centre it on a CRT display also.
There's also a rather nifty wizard to walk you through it all too if you so choose.

At least you'll have added control over the output if you do run into any problems under the 8800GT. Although I seriously doubt you will ;)

Edit.. Forgot to add: Fitz is right, the 9600GT doesn't outperform the 8800GT in any respect other than lower price temperature and wattage usage. Then again it's not an 9800GT so this is to be expected :D
OP is a tad misleading ;) *nudges EP* :p
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Thats the only review I read and the results were clear there... regardless, its mid-range... pfft.
Thats the only review I read and the results were clear there... regardless, its mid-range... pfft.

Umm.. yeah.. and to quote the article you linked to:

With the 9600 GT right on the heels of the 8800 GT and a bit out in front of the 3870
followed later with
The BFGTech GeForce 9600 GT falls right under the 8800 GT in terms of the gameplay experience
Last time I checked my English sayings, "right on the heels of.." and "falls right under" usually means just behind.. as in, slightly less.. as in, almost equal but not quite..

:p :speechless::nervous:

edit: for reference, the quotes are from the last page/conclusion section of the article EP mentioned (
Very true, it is only a mid range card, and a highly overclockable one by the looks of things.
Just pointing out this mid range card doesn't outperform the 8800GT is all :)
To quote the review you read :p

Performance versus the 8800 GT

In our testing the GeForce 8800 GT was faster than the BFGTech GeForce 9600 GT OC in every game. In the case of Crysis we saw the most advantage for gameplay with the 8800 GT allowing us to enable “High” shaders quality at 1280x1024. In some games though, like COD 4, and UT3 the improvement wasn’t as big, but it was still there.
Yes.. it's a mid-range card.. not all of us have the money to buy a couple $400+ cards in an SLI config (as much as I'd want to!)..

But, again, with the 8800 so near in price, If I were building a new machine today I'd still take the 8800GT until the 9600's come down in price..

edit: sadly enough, I don't even have the money for either card.. let alone to build a new machine. So, I'm stuck with my old P4 and an even older Ultra 6800GT card :(
To be fair I was looking at the gaming results :p

As were we all..
The 8800GT's advantage is only really apparent in gaming. That's when the extra stream processors kick in and show it's muscle.
Non-Gaming if anything would be the more preferrable argument in favour of the 9600GT over the 8800GT - Especially considering the 9600GT is cooler, costs less and uses less power ;)

Worth noting the 8800GT has higher/more gameplay advantage features enabled during these 'comparative' tests :p (Higher shader quality etc)
The benchmarks show -

Crysis > 8800GT tested with higher shader detail than the 9600 could muster.
CoD 4 > 8800GT 2xTRMS AA - 9600 None
UT 3 > Settings the same for both cards..(Finally a 'fair' comparitive test) Faster framerate with 8800GT

Have nothing against the 9600GT, just need to clarify it is not a better gaming solution than the 8800GT
Especially as the 9800GT was an OC model. I'd like to see the comparison between the OC 9600GT and the Zotac AMP Edition 8800GT OC (700Mhz/2Ghz mem speed) :)
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End of March for the 9800 GTX apparently.

The reduction in temps i sa big plus for me as well as I want my next system to be both powerful and silent and cool.

I also hae 2x 7800 GTX so any of those cards are going to feel like an upgrade anyway :)
Well it will still be the same gubbins as the 8800 GTX but 65nm but if there is a similar boost over the previosu generation (40% ? :D) then I will be more than happy.
Well it will still be the same gubbins as the 8800 GTX but 65nm but if there is a similar boost over the previosu generation (40% ? :D) then I will be more than happy.
I'm expecting similar results too :D
Although having only upgraded recently, I can't justify the expense.
I'll just mutter things about you jealously under my breath.

I'd ask for photos of it when you get it.
However I'm pretty sure that's gonna equate to PC Pr0n.
8800GTX+40%..That's pure filth! /drool :laugh:
Once the 9800 GTX comes out, I can dump this POS 8800 GTS 640 and my wife can get some use out of it. We can ditch that old 7800 she has now.
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