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The Nokia 6680 Thread

Just wondering if anyone like me, has one?
Also any recommended apps?
Also any good prices for memory cards?
I have alot of stuff installed (FE Explorer, ProfiMail)



High On Life!
i had it before u :p
fexplorer for sure, get antivirus, (not just cabir fix cuz thats a fix tool) because there are many harmful viruses, i suggest simworks, or f-secure, task spy is really cool because u can see that even after you close the contacts or menu, that they are still infact open and running in the backround and use some ram, smart movie is cool have that, world mate, for traveling purposes, smart birthday to remind you of peoples birthdays, Control Freak to control your winamp (and also your pc), and torch for using ur screen as a flash light

as for the memory card it has to be a DV rsmmc (also named mmc mobile) cant just be a rsmmc, i found a good price on ebay for 65$ and 78 on memoryx.net for the 512, thats the biggest for some time to come as i emailed atp and they said it will be long before the 1gb comes out, hope this helps u


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ohh i forgot to add, that the stock memory card is sooo messed up, it keeps corrupting in different areas, like the msging (i reccomend u put msging on ur memory card because if u leave it on ur phone memory it slows it down), somtimes deletes all pics, tracks etc. and this is a known thing on a lot of forums, so i really reccomend u change it asap, im going to as soon as i get a bank account in canada, lol terrible memory card, tell me when it first messes up on you.
I know about task switching which is cool.
Been using them since 7650,3650,6600 now 6680 so have a good understanding.
Ordering new memory on Thurs when I get paid.
Any other issues you noticed?


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nope, its very big, i dont know about you, but everytime i turn on my bluetooth in a public place to send my friends or someone i know something i get an accept bluetooth connection? and once i almost accepted on accident because my friend was going to send me somthing in a party, so i made it my duty now that any symbian phone i find i try to install antivirus so it actually does calm down, ive done over 50 phones now i think.


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two other issues, one my msg tone pauses in the middle for a split second, but i think thats the memory card agian, and the last thing, is the ear phones, the idiots, design makes it look upside down, so when i was in the cairo airport i was trying to jam it in upside down, and eventually scratched it. make sure the nokia logo is facing upward, im still pissed that they have no indicator, (yeah ok the nokia logo) but it looks upside down like that.


High On Life!
i have the first firmware version which do u have? my friend has the second release, i might end up buying a flashing box, so i can flash mine, as in canada they wont have anywhere i can go flash it, unless since they will be getting the 6682 hmm ill see where but i like to stay up to date on firmware with everything, never was able to do it with phones because of the nature of the way it happens to be
Hmm interesting...
BTW my mem card has lost a photo last night :(
Ordering my new card today. Going for a 256mb (really want a 512mb but cant find a uk supplier) kingston which has a lifetime guarentee :D

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