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24 Jan 2002
I forget the model number but my 6700 broke and sprint wants to replace it with the treo

I need the phone to act as a modem, doesn anyone know if the treo does this?
The 700wx? I have one, and yes, it works as a modem.
Or are you talking about the new PalmOS-based one (755p)?
Wait for the 6800. It should be out this month.
If you have a phone you can use in the meantime, I would agree with Matt. The 6800 looks sweet. :)
Well, it looks, according to Engadget Mobile that the 6800 is being delayed until October.

A May launch for Sprint's variant of the HTC Titan sounded too good to be true, and indeed, it just might be. We've now heard from enough individuals to give some credence to a rumor that the PPC-6800 has been pulled back into the shop to get reworked for an October release just weeks before it was supposed to hit store shelves. The reason? Well, it's a pretty good one, it turns out; Sprint allegedly wants to take the time to do the launch up right by launching its flagship Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 6 and EV-DO Rev. A out of the gate. Now to be fair, we see no reason why they couldn't go ahead and launch it with Windows Mobile 5 and EV-DO Rev. 0 on the original timetable and push out an upgrade come this fall, but we've been through too many launch delays at this point to be too surprised or disappointed by the news.

I guess only time will tell...

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