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The New "King Kong"


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I just saw on IMDb.com that Peter Jackson is working on a new version of "King Kong," to be released in 2005. We'll have to see whether or not everything he touches turns to gold.
He proved himself in LOTR to be a director that's not prone to forcing his own flair into movies when it isn't wanted. I think he should be a director that specializes in remakes and book-to-film pictures, because he does an excellent job at it.

And, according the the original script written in 1996, it will take place in 1917-1933, which is definitely better than that stupid "Godzilla" flop, trying to modernize it.

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I love Peter Jackson, from Brain Dead (Dead Alive) to his marvellous trilogy, included !
- Brain Dead
- Heavenly Creatures
- The Frighteners
- Lord of the Rings I & II (waiting for n° III !, soon :D )


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I remember when "The Frighteners" came out. I never saw it, but at the time I remember thinking that it looked cool from an effects standpoint. I'm not sure if Weta Workshop had formed at the time, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had worked on it.


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I'm gonna have to go with o_87 on this one and say that (the new) Godzilla was a piece. It did have a good soundtrack though.

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