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The New Joker!


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picture of Heath Ledger as the new joker. In the Next Batman Movie
Summer 2008.

Very Evil..Awesome!



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If this is real then its awesome. However I haven't seen in on AICN (yet) and they tend to have stuff like this right away. Also it looks similar to the fake Warcraft poster that was floating around. In that one is was just a picture of an Orc and a Summer 08 thing on it as well.


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Unfortunately its fake.


Some highlights from the above article...

For the past two years, I’ve gotten about 10 e-mails a day from people saying, “OMG, I found a picture of Heath Ledger as The Joker!”, and inevitably, when I would open the e-mail, it would be the same ****ing photoshop job of Conrad Viedt from THE MAN WHO LAUGHED with a blue filter and some Joker makeup
Until now, Ledger hasn’t been in the make-up at all, and he hasn’t been in any sort of public place where he could be photographed. And Warner Bros. certainly wasn’t going to release a poster for the film two years before they even started filming it.
In the article is a link to this page...


which has some spy shots of the joker mask in a box, thats as far as they've gotten I guess.


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Also, the "Summer 2008" words are not centered correctly and are not centre aligned to anything. If it were real it would be more professional than that I think.

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