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The New iPod


OSNN One Post Wonder
Ok So I don't know what happened to this forum to begin with, but anyway... I just got a NEW iPod the video one, and I'm a problem with it, well, with iTunes I guess. I can add artwork for some songs, but not all. The ones I can't add artwork to, iTunes doesn't even have the "Artwork" tab. Anyclue?


High On Life!
did u rip the cds yourself or download them? if u downloaded them the id3 tags might be incorrect, or not exactly how itunes wants them to be able to pick up the artwork


OSNN One Post Wonder
Its an actual cd that you can by in alot of stores, Sage Francis is who it is to be exact.

This is what shows up on normal songs when I right click them

Get info>summary-info-options-lyrics-artwork
On some cds
It only gives me the options of Summary-info-options-lyrics

I tried highlighting a group of songs and adding artwork that way it "lets me"
but then when its "added" its not really added.

I looked in the help guides for the iPod that comes with it and I couldn't find anything.


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There is a plugin for iTunes called Fetch Art that will get album art for anything you've ripped yourself. I'm not sure if it's developed for Windows and I don't have time to check at the moment, but if not then I'm sure there's a similar plugin for Windows versions.

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