The NEW detonators



WOOT !!!

picked my 3d marks up by 85 on a GeForce 3 :)

nice one guys thanks
i get huge boot errors after i install these ....

do i have to remove my other detonator drivers first as i just tried to upgrade drivers .?

i have had to roll back to be able to boot into normal mode
Didn't remove mine (had the official 23.11), and now noticed a 100 extra points in 3dmark! Since the drivers are leaked, they may be buggy on some system, sadly!
Install Woes.....

Hope I'll be able to install these ones .... 27.20.

The 27.00 / 10 wouldn't install correctly.
well here goes nothing.
I had boot errors as well using the 27.00 and 27.10, I don't wanna use these until they are cleared from any bugs.

Well gentlemen, I'm pleased to report that the 27.20 leaked drivers have installed correctly and are working nicely. While ZI can't offer benchmark info i can say that a 2 hr stint online with Medal Of Honor was glitch free with my GF2 Pro running on XP.
Detonator 27.20

Installed 27.20 over 27.10. The latter worked fine but after installing 27.20 I could neither log-in or switch users. Have rolled back to 27.10 and everthing is working fine again.
27.20 are working Superbly for me

And yes i do have a MSI board just about to benchmark these babies !!

Once again thanks Andyp - I love you and :p

Sounds GREAT!! I can't wait to get home and install it.. I really hope it fixes all my infinite loops wiht GeForce 2 MX :D
Nvidia 27.20

I dropped from 7464 on 3dmark 2001 to 7049 after install. That is a big loss;

System Info;
Windows XP Home Edition
1800+ Athlon Xp Processor
Asus A7v266-E
768mb DDR 3ns ram
G-Force 3 TI 500
130gigs in 3 HD's, all 7200rpm IBM drives

21.83 drivers gave me my top bench at 7464 and never crashed.
Only had one weird display with 27.20. 23.11 had a few crashes, 27.00 and 27.10 were almost the same benches of 27.20 no real improvement. 21.81 had few crashes..

I always clean install with the drivers..

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