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The new Creative ZEN - 4/8/16GB Flavors - Sexy!


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If you haven't seen the new Creative ZEN yet then you aren't keeping up on the news.


It (the width and height) is smaller than a credit card. It comes in 4/8/16GB flavors. One sexy looking device if you ask me. Popular Mechanics had its hands on it and had nothing but good things to say about it (other than waiting until after Apple's September 5th announcement to buy one).


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It's nice on the eyes for sure, and the demo video is pretty sweet.

My 4G iPod did finally die a long and slow death... so I'll be paying more attention to mp3 players. Let's see what Apple has in store.


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Unlimited expansion with SD card? So the 4/8/and 16GB flavors is just a basis for the internal capacity? Is 8GB the largest SD card atm?


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Pretty cool... but is just a normal MP3 player to much to ask for these days? sheesh... and 16gb max internal? cmon thats a joke. I need 30gb minimum.


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nice, but I agree with GM and wait and see what apple brings to the table with the new ipods sept 5th


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Pretty cool... but is just a normal MP3 player to much to ask for these days? sheesh... and 16gb max internal? cmon thats a joke. I need 30gb minimum.
Is your music really high bit rate?

I think in a couple years or so I think mp3s will be phased out and I'll definitely start ripping all my music into CD quality.


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Not really high no, I just have a lot of it and like to have a wide range of music available to me to listen to. I would say most of my music is VBR 64 -256 or CBR 128, 192.

My music moods change and I don't like constantly copying and deleting music to accommodate that. I just copy my whole collection once and update the device as I acquire more.

I have an ancient Creative Zen Ultra 30gb and its almost time to retire it. The metal outside has some dents, the monochrome screen is horrendous as well as the transfer rate. I just have been waiting for Creative to release a new series of MP3 players before I upgrade since the Zen Vision is pushing two years old now.


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Yes madmatt that is true, the larger capacity devices have microdrives. However, microdrives are not that large. I dont see how they could not make the device just a bit bigger as its tiny right now, maybe even to small.


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The SD port is interesting; hopefully it will be SDHC as in the new high capacity cards which will supposedly eventually hit 32gig! Otherwise the maximum size I think is 2 gig?


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Looks like everyone here has not beem keeping up with the news. :-D Have you heard Creative has just announced the 32GB version of theirZEN player?

Imagine 4gb, 8gb, 16gb & 32gb of pure flash memory! Plus SDHC support! Woot Woot!


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or, if they just announced it, it may be because this thread is a little over 3 months old. :) :p

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