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The new AIM please help

I been using an old version of AIM cause of this problem.. but I want the new AIM.. k.. when I install the new AIM for some reason it takes a long long time for my outlook express to open up.. and when im not on AIM I go to outlook express and it makes me sign on AIM before it will open.. how do I make it for it wont mess with my outlook? this is pretty annoying.. thank you
If I remember correctly (it's been a really long time since I used Outlook or AIM), this has to do with the fact that AIM becomes your default instant messaging client. Try this:

Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Set Program Access and Defaults
Change your default Instant Messenger back to Windows Messenger.

I think that should fix it.


Today's Special Value

Under prefrences under Sign On/Off uncheck the first check box "Make AIM my default instant messaging program"

this will take care of things w/o having to using windows access/defaults.

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