The NEW Active Desktop Help Thread.

Hi guys, I'm new here, found out about the forum from a friend who linked me to the AD tutorial. Good stuff Matt.

The easiest way I've found to make the background blend in is this:
Display Properties->Desktop tab-> Color button, then click "Other" to choose more colors.
When you do that, your current desktop color will be displayed in normal decimal format (i.e. Red: 58, Green 110, Blue, 165). Keep the numbers in this order, then use the scientific calculator to convert them to hex format (my example converts to Red: 3A, Green: 6E, Blue: A5). Take these numbers (again, in order), and make them your bgcolor.
My example looks like this:

Hope that helps. :)
Now I've got a question of my own about this...

I've got my desktop set up pretty well using the tutorial, and most things seem to work fine.
I've got a Shutdown, Event Viewer, Services, etc.. For some reason, though, anytime I make a link to an executable file, it doesn't work. Links to .msc files are fine, links to dll's work, but there is something keeping .exe's from running.

I'm assuming this is a security setting in Windows or something similar, but I have no idea what.
I'm using Mozilla for my browser, so I went into the IE options and Enabled EVERYTHING in the Security settings (since I don't use IE on the net anyway), but it still won't work.

Does anybody know what might be causing this? :(

EDIT: I got around this one by putting the full app path in the VBS file, and not using the actual shortcuts, although I'm still not sure why it wasn't working.
Oh, and also, I'm using the Notepad on my desktop, which works fine, but everytime I click Save, it opens a browser window to save the file. If I just use the regular link for Save, it opens and closes again immediately; if I use the input button instead, it stays open.

Either way, it saves the file, but is there a way I can keep the browser window from opening?

Thanks in advance. :)
I'm not sure R00k, but I use the notepad one and it opens a browser window for me too. Btw, are you using the quicklaunch code?

If so, could you copy and paste the code for your quicklaunch file to see if it works here. I cant get mine to work for some reason. The quicklaunch loads, but clicking on any of the links doesnt do anything at all.
LOL, I had the same problem when I tried to use it. I gave up on it after about 25 minutes though, since I don't really have a lot of use for it. I just wanted to try it out.
Good luck with it though. ;)

EDIT: btw, I noticed that when I tested it in IE, it was getting two compile errors; I think both of them were "expected end of statement"s or a line-terminator was expected. If that helps.
It would be good if madmatt would occasionally swing past his own help thread posts once every few weeks to help in the thread funnily enough >_<
Help? I have to? Gosh. =]

R00k came up with a good solution. Either that or embed your background image as part of your HTML document, then increase the active desktop window to take up the entire viewing area. Other than that it isn't possible, not to my knowledge at least.

As for the quick notes opening up a browser window, you can try changing the A HREF statement to href="javascript:void(0);" or href="#". I forget what the tutorial says to use *shrug*. See if that works.

Next. Yes, under some setups some executable files will not run using the VBS/LNK method, for some reason unbeknownst to me. But, if you include the full path to the file within the VBS, it should work. Haven't figured this one out and probably won't take the time to do so. Windows is tricky some times.

Lastly, I will have to take a look at the code for the qlaunch. Try the path in VBS method, see if that fixes your problem. Let me know.

I'll check back soon. Post screenshots.
Matt......any change of you posting the code for your desktop in your screenshot, or something similiar? I can't get mine to look anywhere as nice as yours.
I am having problems launching shorcuts from the active desktop. It has been a long time since i was using one so bare with me.

I think the following code was used to launch shortcuts
<script language="JScript">
//Used for executing program links. Filename is path of file. When called it executes it.
function ShellExJ(filename)
var objShell = new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application");
objShell.ShellExecute(filename, "", "", "open", 1);

and the following is an example of a link to a shortcut

<a target="_self" onClick=" ShellExJ('d:\\Winamp\\pause.lnk')" href="javascript:;"><img src="d:\my documents3\active desktop\icons\pause.gif" border="0"></img></a>

But it is not working anymore. So i suspect that i stuffed up some code somewhere. Can someone see an error?
on mine i have onClick="ShellExJ('C:/')" perhaps your \ are the wrong way round ?
<A CLASS="A:LINK" TARGET="_self" onClick=" ShellExJ('D:\\RollerCoaster Ty**** 2\\rct2.exe')" HREF="javascript:;">Rollercoaster.ty****.2</A><A CLASS="TITLE"> ::</A><BR>

direct copy/paste from my active desktop and that link works
function ShellExJ(command)
var splitAt = /^(.*?)(?:[<>\|\*\?](.*))?$/;
var parts = command.match(splitAt);

var filename = parts[1].replace(/"|'|\s*$/g, '');
if(parts.length > 1)
{ var params = parts[2].replace(/^\s*/, ''); }

if(filename.indexOf('/') > -1)
{ var folder = filename.substr(0, filename.lastIndexOf('/')); }
{ var folder = filename.substr(0, filename.lastIndexOf('\\')); }

var objShell = new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application");
objShell.ShellExecute(filename, params, folder, 'open', 1);
thats the java script i have at top to habdle the execution
beleive me, i have no idea what it is its just a copy paste from the template i use to get me THIS. Still gotta clean up the scroll bar :)
after some really dodgy HTML I got it to sort of half arsed work. When I click on the link it opens up the IE save file option for the .exe, then you click on open and it opens the program. A dodgy half arsed solution but It'll do. Did you or anyone else get their quicklaunch to work though Ego?

If someone did, can you please copy and paste the code for yours so I can try and get it to work for me.
Ok, first, thx alot madmatt for that tutorial. :D

Now, I've gotten some small problems.

1. Hotmail, it says I've to enable cookies, which I've, I even tried to allow all cookies, still I get that error message.

2. I made a link to my fav radio, so a IE window opens, and WMP opens. What I'm wondering, if it's possible to make the IE window close automatic? I've tried the javascript thingy, but it doesn't seem to work.

3. I saw someone here who had winamp running, with buttons and stuff like that. Does anyone have that program? Then I don't have to run winamp manually all the time [/lazy]
OK, now i need some help...

i use frames for my active desktop one navigator frame and a mainframe for my php section (movie and music catalog). the problem is, i cannot make the desktop show the php content in the mainframe. program launches (jscript) works fine, also switching to another html site in the mainframe works.

i have easyphp installed and if i start IE and enter http://localhost the php page works fine. if i use in the navigotor frame the href command
 <a target="mainframe" href="http://localhost/movies/">movie db</a>
it wont work...

any ideas on how to make the php working within a frame? and yes, my apache/php server is running...
Originally posted by silky62678
I have a brain teaser for u guys. Im making some of the icons on my desktop as links. Is there a way to make "My Computer" as a link. This may be in the wrong section, sorry ahead of time

Create a shortcut and out it in the root of C: (C:\)

Get a command prompt by Start-Run-cmd



dir /x

look for the short filename for your shortcut. It will be somehting like "mycom~1.lnk"

Usign whatever method you are using to launch links, just link to the above shortcut, and it should work. It worked for me.

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