The neighbor from hell thread

:laugh: Nah, I'd rather stick to what's legal. He's a pain in the arse yes, but still, I'll leave murder out of it. I know you're joking, but with all this going on it's best to leave such suggestions out of it...

He's still pounding on the wall some, and has started blasting his stereo again. I called the cops down. I haven't turned a blessed thing in the way of a radio or TV on since comming home, and he has no such excuse. At this point it's best there be witnesses, and if need be a report, so things aren't just "word of mouth". He's being loud, while complaining about little things... Hell, I hadn't even gone to the bathroom or anything since I spoke with my folks on the telephone sometime back (well except to call 242-cops which I did from the other room), nor will I. If they see he started this up, when not a peep is comming from my apt...what possible excuse could he make? I don't even want to try to psycho-analyze what goes on in that guy's head.
Perhaps you should get together with neighbors and file a joint compaint? It would then not look like just some kind of 1-on-1 dispute but a real issue. Have everyone state that they can no longer deal with such things and will be be investigating legal avenues if nothing is done. That should get the land lord to at least listen/investigate.
Actually I don't really know the neighbors who live under him, have just seen that they had left many nights (lights out and blinds open) when he was doing this. I'm, also a bit reserved when it comes to just approaching people... Might be worth a try, but hmm... If he gets too obnoxious though, I do gather they'll say something.

Oh, the cops did come, and though he turned down his music, he's back to pounding on the walls, and slamming the doors. I'm not biting. I want the evidentiary trail to make it clear that it is all him. Heck, I might even go out to the movies. If he continues this when my light is off, and I'm gone, well then. If he does finally bother another neighbor to no end...the evidence will be clear.

Yes, in the past, when he had done this, I had turned things up a little, but never as loud as him. Forget it. And if as Evil Marge suggested, he's trying to instigate something, let him do so to his own detriment. Still, it seems rather bothersome that I pretty much have to forgo living tonight, when in truth the only thing I did when I came home was talk to my mother on the phone, and then sit down at my computer (with everything shut off mind you), and get on the forums. Meh, he seems even more disturbed now that I haven't gone to the bathroom or something since comming home, and tbh I'm beginning to feal as if I need to.

If his game is to try to point the finger back at me with him doing all this, I think the best thing is to leave the evidentiary trail quite clear on exactly what he's up to. In that case, a police officer as a witness (and a possible police report) helps. If he were to start complaining that it's now "too quite" he then gives himself away...end of story, and what can then be said? If he tries to deny the contents of the police report and one was made with them being called out, well it's there in black and white...

Edit: As I'm being as quite as a mouse here, even forgoing going to the bathroom and stuff, he's slamming the door, increasingly harder and louder each passing time :eek:
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If it is that loud, a simple recorder with you whispering in it, and leaving it running continuously, near the adjoining wall, and when he slams the door etc give a play by play... and then hand that into your apt complex... with several hours of him doing this, and you have both audio, and the written statement from the Police, they (your apt complex management) will have to do something.

Good luck
yeah, it'd be nice if I had the right equipment to make recordings... I do have a stereo (albeit the tape player went bad on the thing) back where my parents live. But that's like 2,300 miles away...

BTW, the cop did appear last night and pounded on his door. He was caught blasting his rap, and there wasn't much he could have said, as nothing except the one phone call had come out of my apartment the entire night since I came home...

Unfortunately, he spent the next several hours pounding on the walls and slamming doors (still not a peep from my apartment through all this), until I guess he decided to go to bed or something... That would have been good to catch, if only, hell even a good wireless MIC on my puter would do the trick with the right software. I'd still have to get it into a form they could use. Perhaps when I get some money comming in from a job, I should put one on the "to buy list". That would then just leave the necessary software, and well I'm not sure how I'd output it on tape as all I have here is a radio, that has no input jacks on it of any kind...

A video camera could perhaps pick up more, but would also be more pricey. If whatever isn't wired in, I could also take it out the front door (where things actually are a bit louder, which also makes it hard for me to believe he could have a legitimate complaint as when I watch TV or whatever it can't be heard out the front door), and not be limited to wire length...
We need to establish a thread for the

'Son Goku Piece of mind' cause.... we should fundraise so you can pick up the equipment and everything ... :)
A handheld tape recorder from Radio Shack or a similar store would do it and cost you less than $20.
Steevo said:

Multiple type file output.

This is what I used with a cheap $10 mic to get my neighbours screming and yelling awhile back.

now all he needs is a decent quality mic... say $15-20

If you can provide us with as paypal account, I would more than willing to donate a buck or two..

Hehe we got enough loyal members to round up the cash in a few days...

Im up for it, what about you guys?
id donate. but you might want to look into the law of recording through walls.
Hmm, the law could very state to state, and am not sure of it in NM... My parents retired in ME, and it was in a college up there that I took some law classes. I know enough, to know that one can't take something for granted when crossing into another jurisdiction...

OK, at least the software doesn't cost. Bleh, tonight this guy pounded on the walls some, slammed the door just earlier, and well ran the bath water full blast again, and my TV had been off. I had watched the ep of Lost on my comp sometime back, but the noise from him was even before then, and after...not when I was watching anything here. I just turned my TV on...this is nuts that he slams doors and pounds when nothing is on :eek:
Man if you ever make any recordings post them up here, I wanna hear what this guy actually sounds like. From what you have described he truly is the neighbour from hell.

OR maybe hell kicked him out for being to damn noisy :p
I see 2 options.

1) Buy a mic, record "your place" and perhaps any noise that comes into it from other places. Get him evicted.

2) Buy me a plane ticket. Get a 12 pack and watch the @ss kicking. Save me a beer.
Steevo said:
I see 2 options.

1) Buy a mic, record "your place" and perhaps any noise that comes into it from other places. Get him evicted.

2) Buy me a plane ticket. Get a 12 pack and watch the @ss kicking. Save me a beer.

Save me one too, and I'll come watch. :)
Yeah, I wouldn't mind sitting in a lawn chair w/ a beer and watching this go down either. :)

Personally I would make calling the cops an everyday thing until something happend.
Steevo said:
I see 2 options.

1) Buy a mic, record "your place" and perhaps any noise that comes into it from other places. Get him evicted.

2) Buy me a plane ticket. Get a 12 pack and watch the @ss kicking. Save me a beer.

buy me the plane ticket and skip the beer tell after. hehe

Man i feel your pain. i really hope this works out in your favor. And trust me i understand the need/want to not move again.
It's too early to tell, but his door was opened, and stuff (such as his TV) was being carried out. I hope, this really does mean that jerk is moving out.

:up: :) :clap:


if he is...
He's pawning it all to acquire a set of drums.


I kid, I kid - congrats may be on the order for enduring this crap.

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