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The Mysteries of Computer Game Pricing


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I too found the article boring and skim read it - seemed very slanted in one way too and did not reveal any of the things I have read recently...

EG Gaming rights for something like Harry Potter or LOTR are going around the $12 million mark! A top class game - like maybe Half Life - will maybe gross the developers $20-$50 BILLION ( :eek: ) in the product's life time..... so it is no wonder they may fork out those sums maybe.... this stuff is seriously big business these days with actors voice overs and movie directors blurring lines between Hollywood and gaming....

Now stuff like that gets my attention!


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The only thing that has surprised me is this article being posted on the net. lol :p
Game prices always start off high, and devalues over time. They may start at 49.99 or 39.99 depending on the genre and the target audience. Possibly the supplier is offering the games tax free like they did for a few months last year.


Software and games especially is one big rip off. Soon as my software is last years generation I am only going to use open source or freeware.

I will never use kazaa or illegal things but hell from now on why should I pay for a licence for software that is released as major upgrades every year or 2.

On the issue of games, I think they have like excess of what they want to make in profits and cover costs, then they decide they can do you all a favour and give it to you half price. Then what do you know a new version comes out.

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