The Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird discussion (Part 3)

funky dredd said:
Thunderbird question:
Is there a way for new mail to already be labeled when coming into the inbox? It changes the color only after I select what label I want. I would like it to already select it, according to a list of users that I select. Anyway for this to happen? Maybe a rule of some sort...
Yeah, you need to create a message filter: "Tools>Message Filters". There's an option to label messages according to whatever criteria you choose - by subject, senders, etc.
NetRyder said:
Yeah, you need to create a message filter: "Tools>Message Filters". There's an option to label messages according to whatever criteria you choose - by subject, senders, etc.
I thought that's what it was. Thanks! ;)
gonaads said:
It's like I said before, just set yer History setting to zero (0) days and I will NOT remember anything. You won't even have to worry about clearing it, since there won't be anything there. :)

When I set my history to 0 days it clears everything when I exit Firefox. Setting the history.dat file to read only makes it not save anything even during runtime :)
Strange, Mine doesn't list anything at all and If i stick the "history" icon on the "toolbar" and click it it still doesn't list anything. And the "history" button in the "options ---> "privacy" section is always grayed out even during a sesion with half a dozen tabs open from diffent sites. Hmmmm...
I see, it's cause pretty much everything I look up is either bookmarked or I google it. So I don't type anything into the address window. O.K. I see I see I see :D
That's an interesting way of going about it, Ketchupisyourfriend
Ketchupisyourfriend, have you had any errors due to the change of this file's properties?

Any "hangs" of the browser that you may not have had before ya did this?

Or has it been smooth runnin?
I just noticed there was little to no delay when opening up Mozilla this time around ... perhaps the bug I mentioned in my post here has been fixed in Mozilla 1.8a2 or else I got lucky?

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.8a2) Gecko/20040628

-edit- Ok I took notice this morning and it does seem this bug is fixed in 1.8a2 :D
More cool security stuff:
Malware Authors Target Mozilla, Developers Respond with Enhanced Safeguards
Monday July 12th, 2004

Over the past few months, it has become apparent that many authors of malware (a category of malicious software that includes viruses and spyware) have started targetting Mozilla users. While it is not believed that any attackers have managed to exploit the XPInstall mechanism to install software without the user's consent, several sites have tried tricks such as repeatedly asking to install an XPI package when a page loads, taking advantage of the fact that many users will accept the installation to make the dialogues go away.

Fortunately, users of recent Mozilla-based browsers now enjoy several new security safeguards designed to protect against these sorts of attacks. During the 1.7 release cycle, Daniel Veditz developed a patch that blocks XPI installs from being triggered by a page load, preventing software installation dialogues from appearing as soon as a user visits a site (bug 238684). Later in the same release cycle, a whitelist of sites that are allowed to ask the user for permission to install software was implemented (bug 240552). The default whitelist for Mozilla 1.7 features, and (home of Firefox Help and Thunderbird Help). Mozilla Firefox 0.9 just allows (though this has since being expanded to the whole of

The most recent Firefox nightlies feature a new user-interface to manage the XPInstall whitelist. When a user tries to install software from a site that is not on the whitelist, a thin non-modal yellow bar appears at the top of the content area, informing the user that the install has been blocked (bug 241705). A button allows the user to add the site to the whitelist if they choose. Testers of the beta release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 will probably find the yellow bar familiar: it's almost a carbon copy of the new Internet Explorer Information Bar that appears when an ActiveX control is blocked. If you cannot wait for Firefox 1.0 to try this feature, grab a nightly build from the 0.9 branch but remember that there may be bugs.
A tentative due date for the much-awaited Firefox 1.0 is now up!

Updated Mozilla Firefox Roadmap Targets 1.0 Release for September 14th
Monday July 12th, 2004

Ben Goodger has updated the Mozilla Firefox Roadmap with the latest information about the path to 1.0. Development will remain on the AVIARY_1_0_20040515_BRANCH (itself cut from the Mozilla 1.7 branch) until 1.0, with three releases candidates planned. The launch of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 for Windows and Linux is currently scheduled for Tuesday 14th September. The Mac OS X version will be released a little later, following additional work to make Firefox fit in the Aqua look and feel. Further details about the updated Roadmap, including information on nominating blocker bugs, have been posted to the Firefox General forum.
gonaads said:
Ketchupisyourfriend, have you had any errors due to the change of this file's properties?

Any "hangs" of the browser that you may not have had before ya did this?

Or has it been smooth runnin?

No problems at all, totally smooth :cool:
Wow, this thread got to page 3 quick... lots of good information here so far! :)
I hope they design a good basic/default theme this time. One that people would just leave as the default. It would make it soooo much better. I think that when ya change the themes of it it can sometimes screw the browser up a bit. I mean if ya leave the browser with what it comes with it's smooth, runs great. But maybe when it has to skin all the different things and the theme you've just installed is like really new (first version or so) then it could, I think... mess with the browser.

Some themes work great, don't get me wrong... but some are just a bit touchy and the prob is the ones that are the coolist, nicest, most visually appealing are usually the more edgy ones. But not always. :)

Any thoughs?
I agree. The default theme for 0.9 was awful. It would be nice to like the default theme enough to where you didn't immediately go and look for a replacement for it. I know that people have different tastes, but they could definitely do better than the last default theme.
I am still grappling with that issue about being on a long list of links...clicking a link and then going back to the original page and it not taking me back to the place I was. EBay is one example. I am looking at a list of XBox games and click a link and look at the game listing and then click back and it takes me back to the top of the page instead of where I was and a click of the wheel doesn't always take me back to where I was..:(
I think I know what you're talking about gballard. Instead of taking you back to somewhere in the middle of the previous page where you linked from, it takes you back to the top of the page, right? I remember having to get used to this when I switched from IE.

I think though that it will take you back to where you were if you give it a moment. It seems like it takes you to the top and then jumps down to where you were a few seconds later. Since everything is cached, I don't see why it acts like it reloads some items on the page you jump back to... it does seem like it should just take you right back to the part of the page where you linked from.

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