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Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
21 May 2002
Does anyone else get the following?

e.g. If I want to play some music, if I select a folder to play and select Play selection, I get two boxes popping up the Move, then the Copy for each file! - see attachments. This happens if I right click Edit/Open etc. and is a bit annoying. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this. I like the tweak, but if it don't work as it shoud I'm gonna remove it!



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Have you selected any files, or just the folder?

Uuummm... are you right clicking on the folder and then selecting play?

(see attachment)

Cause when I do that it opens Windows Media Player and starts playing the music files.

Maybe I'm doing it differently than you?
gonaads if I do the same Right click and play, then no pop ups. However, try the Play selection on the right from the Music Tasks and I get the propmts.
If you mean the way I did it in the attachment I have included with this post, It opens up Media Player when I right click and then click "play".

There could be an association problem with the files or something, maybe?

Ummm... where do you get that "music tasks" window at? What do you open or click on?
I see now. :D

You go in through "My Computer" and navagate to the folder you want.

But you say that you chose a folder, the "music tasks" thingy does not come up for me until I have navagated to a folder that has music content in it. In other words if I have navagated to, say, drive E and there are only folders there it will not pop up. Only until I have opened the folder that has the music in it does it show in the side panel.

Now I am gonna try something... I am going to create a folder (with music files in it) inside a music folder and see if it will do what you are getting. :)
Nope, it actually will read the contents of the folder inside the main folder and list it in Media Player and play all of the files.

Hmmmmm... strange... I can not duplicate the problem. :(
O.K. I got it to do the nasty deed. :p

I did not have the Tweak installed on the computer at work. :rolleyes:

Now the only thing I see is if you just click cancel on both pop-ups they go away and Media Player plays the music.

But if you want to remove the tweak so it does not occur again ( now do you want to remove the tweak?), you're gonna have to go into the regestry and edit them out.

So you begin...
Start --> Run --> regedit

You are going to have to navagate in the regestry to:


Then expand it and delete the subkey called "Copy To"

Then delete the subkey called "Move To"

(see attachments)

Close the Regestry Editor and then check to see that all is well.

Now... if ya don't want to get rid of this tweak then, from what I have tried, yer gonna have to live with it. :D

Unless someone else has found a way to stop this.
Hmmm. :/ Thanks for the attempts gonnads. The thing is, it's not just music files, it happens if I try to open multiple pictures/text files/docs u name it. Shame really cos I like the tweak. I'm just surprised no one else seems to have come across it.
Yeah I know. I'm gonna do a google later today ta see if there's anything out there 'bout this. Maybe someone has a fix, or somethin. :)
Hey, this happens to me too.
I hate when that happens!!!
I take it as a cost for the usefull tool :(
... sorry to ask this now, but I don't remember what tweak allows you to freely move to any file you right clicked on, I used to use it a lot until I formated and re-installed XP...

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