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The joy of S-ATA

The joy of S-ATA | HELP!!!!!

I bought a new HD the other day. Its a Samsung 120GB S-ATA. I thought yipee more space and S-ATA (first time using it).
I plugged it in after installing the driver lastnight to my MSI 845PE Max2 (PCE1) motherboard and it detected the disk and asked to create a array. Followed the auto setup guide and it created the array.
The problem is though in windows I can format the disk.
I have been able to create 2 partisions of 60gb (around that size anyway) but when I try to use windows format tool and click start the progress bar does nothing (aka no progress shows up).
I tried quick format but nothing also.
I am running Windows XP SP2.

Anyone got any ideas?



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You didn't mention the part where you press F6 to load a driver for the interface. So.........
F6 is only when installing Windows, not when adding an additional drive.

What is the status of the drive/partitions in windows disk management?


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same problem here with my 1st SATA

my fix = unplug all other hard drives
start windows setup > dont forget F6
as soon as its formatted & windows begins copying files
turn off your pc
plug your original drive back in > then the SATA
SATA disk will be ready for use
just delete the windows folder



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You can format and partition w/o installing winders.

But you might have to do a repair install so it loads the interface driver BEFORE the shell is loaded. I do not know how windows determines when a driver should be loaded, but the mobo hands off control early in the boot process.

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