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The Ipod Remixed


High On Life!
Hey guys i am thinking of getting the new ipod as my friend has the one with the wheel, i saw it and think it is very sexy and is a status symbol, and I LOVE THE WHEEL, and no i am not a cave dewling guy lol, but the new one doesnt look that great, doesnt anyone have it, or has a friend that has it, its kinda confusing from the looks and what the website says, it has the wheel and the buttons on the same thing? how are u suppose to use the wheel, what if in the end i want to buy the older shape but still the higher capacity? will it still be in stores in like sept, cuz my dad is going to the states, and might get it for me. Thanks in advance

The Ipod Remixed


I may actually be insane.
1. It will look nicer in the 'flesh', photo's never seem to do Apple products justice (It's also a lot smaller than you'd think ;))

2. The scroll wheel works the same as older models, and the buttons are used by "clicking" in the wheel.

3. You mean you want to buy a 3G model? Then you'll need to buy it from anyone but Apple, re-sellers and unofficial re-distributors will probably have some of the "old" models left over. Not really sure for how long though, depends on the store really.


I may actually be insane.
Longer Battery, Smaller, More efficient design, newer firmware, and if I still used Windows.. the supplied USB2.0 cable would be a bonus (3G's come only with a FireWire connector)


High On Life!
my friend that has the 3g one had the usb 2.0 cable/firewire one, and the dock, when i asked him how much did u buy your ipod for i was ganna go crazy when he said i won it!


if you got to ipodlounge.com they reviewed two 4g ipods and they came back with a problem with the speaker plugs... something about distrotion... go check it out

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