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Something amusing just got mailed to me:

Do you think its ok just to lift our stories and post them verbatim on your site?
Do we work for you?
Would you be prepared to pay for second publishing rights for stories you steal?
Did you see this story:

Just a warning: you're next.

Paul Hales
I basically replied saying that I would love to be next, as I love free publicity. The fact is we have never used an Inquirer story without giving a source link at the bottom. So I don't know what is up his ass, but it's coming out of his mouth.

Paul (I would like to use his first name as the swear filter will block my other pet names) also goes on to say that neowin can't write for toffee. Not my opinion, but we write for free and I'm not a journalist, I am an enthusiast. I ****ing hate journalists.

Electronic Punk

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My point?
I'm the RIAA and you're the story-sharer

> Array
> We are next for what? Free publicity? Whats your point?
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no more free publicity for them. i wonder if he wants some cheese with that whine. :D
I, ahem, look at TheInquirer quite a lot, and they do seem to be getting a little bit arsey about their stories recently. I dont see the problem, i would never had known about theinquirer if the headlines of their stories werent used in other sites a visit.

Its free advertising for them.


I may actually be insane.
Wow. How stuck up can you get. I wonder if they'll start targeting one-man blogs who happen to link an article and quote it.

It's not even like Mr Hales has put forward a decent complaint or argument, "you're next" ?? take it to the playground Paul, if you want to make a point, do it properly.


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its our policy to always quote the source :)

as it is I find the inquirer is usually a few days late with most of its stories or picks up tidbits from tech forums... I have yet to see the Inq sit down and say "we are sorry we have copied verbatin word for word... letter for letter... the technical details about xx product that is yet to be released and we have refused to quote the source on xx forums since we believe we have a bigger pen0s and are the only ones who should get credit for whatever stories we post"


btw eP... LEMME @ EM...


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EP, save the email until you're having a bad day then go back and read it again... should bring a smile to your face. What a joker. :)
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