The iHome?

Are the pics real or fake?

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I may actually be insane.
Some of you may know of the "sub $500 mac" that has been rumoured, well someone has decided to either be very sneaky and find it, or doctor up some shots in photshop. The pics in question are here:

What does everyone think? Real or fake?

Going with fake myself, because:
1. Since when did apple use the UK spelling of centre.
2. Just doesn't look right to me.
3. I seem to remember a very similar hoax involving the G5 iMac (Or was it something else? either way, it's been done before ;))


Random Apple Dude
I'm going with "Undecided" but more on the fake side, not only for the reasons SPeedY said but also because a search on brough up nothing :p and nothing came up aside from something on another Mac Forum, that wasn't the Offical Apple Forums :p

Oh, and if you look at the "iHome" and compare its design to other recent Apple products, you'll notice that its got sharp, boxed, pointy sides compared to the curved, sexah *lickable* edges of, for example, the iMac, iBook, iPod, Xserve... etc etc :lick:


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First off, the Apple logo on the device itself looks to light up, as in it has the same color as the iBook's.

Apple would not put iHome in big letters underneath it's logo, it would leave it standalone.

Second, if the Apple logo were to light up, where do i put my Screen on top of the device? It was rumored to be like the Apple II where i could put my monitor on top of the box itself.

Third, why include the Apple logo and iHome that can light up, when most of the time the thing will get shoved underneath a desk, or put under a screen, where you can't see it anyways. Also it makes the entire thing more heavy, AND would mean they have to add some sort of backlighting, which would be expensive.


I may actually be insane.
It's not photoshopped, shouldn't of put that in my post really :p

I know for a fact what it is, just curious what others think first :D


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The ports on picture 4 don't seem to look very...real, or even inline. It could be just a poorly taken photo though.

Maybe it's a person with too much time on their hand? :D


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Picture four has a piece of paper lying on top of whatever the main object is. The overall box looks like an iBook modded. But again the edges are to aggressive so in that case i would say the whole thing is made from cardboard?
Its definetly not real, that much is obvious. But im not entirely sure what the original object is or in what way these photos were indeed doctored


I may actually be insane.
~bk said:

Just had a question in my mind, what is Apple iPhone?
A product that doesn't exist. Motorola have made a phone compatible with iTunes which sync's your music etc, but there's no phone made by Apple.
Fake, no doubt. Dave already mentioned the reasons in the first post.
How come all the fake shots are done in elevators? :p

SPeedY_B said:
know for a fact what it is, just curious what others think first :D
Looks like an external hard drive to me. :twisted:


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Hmmmm.. that meant to be the power button on the front to the left.. because there's the same thing on the rear shot. Confusion. I vote fake anyways, just to follow the general trend


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SPeedY_B said:
A product that doesn't exist. Motorola have made a phone compatible with iTunes which sync's your music etc, but there's no phone made by Apple.
So why was it included in Engadget Awards 2004 as Most Anticipated Gadget of 2005? So basically, these are just rumours at the moment or is it final that Motorola is making a phone compatible with iTunes?


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It honestly looks to me like a piece of polystyrene with some grey stick ons :lick: But ya know, the pics aren't the best quality and neither are my eyes atm

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