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The Goods (Quick Review)


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Last night my Wife and I went to a Screening of The Goods

From the previews I seen on TV I was not expected too much from this movie. The cast includes the same wacky bunch we all know of with a some unexpected additions like Ving Rhames and James Brolin.

Used Cars + Comedy sounds like a good idea on paper but this movie falls flat in many areas. After just seeing The Hangover which was a great comedy. I was expecting a par for the course with Goods. The plot carries through but jumps around too much in area trying to fit a "romance" in for good measure.

Expect some goods laughs and Surprise guests in the movie, but all in all its a rental at best.

2.5 out of 4 OSNN Stars


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You may enjoy it. :) It really does not suck that bad, I was just expecting more. because I enjoyed The Hangover and was hoping it would follow......

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