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The good news thread


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Well, I didnt find a thread that would let me post something as random as... saying.... as of today, my student loans are PAID OFF!! woot woot.... so i thought i'd start a new thread.

i'm sure we all have some good news to share every once in a while.


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I saw a sexy brunette today, went over and chatted her up. Ended up going for lunch together, and left with her number.

And congrats on paying off the student loans man, must be a huge relief!


Act your wage.
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I am building a WEBSITE FROM HELL right now and it will never end!!!!!! :dead:

Wait a minute, this is the good news thread... oops. :eek:


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Nothing good for me

4 months probation for a stupid MIP that everybody else i know got a small fine and got it wipped off there record but I had **** hole judge.

O well

I guess the good news is that I shaved my head? lol
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My mom didn't fall and break her arm today. I got a check from that website ad banner that took over 7 months to get thanks to the "generosity" of my (not many but) 592 daily visitors

I sound cynical huh? At least I don't have any bad news to report and I guess I'm lucky to get anything nowadays.
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So you went from a few thousand dollars in debt to a few hundred thousand dollars in debt ;p

I had a bio midterm today. Destroyed the bitch!

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